Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm amazed everyday at the new things Cyrena is trying.  She's been drawing tadpole people for awhile now (big head and legs with no body).  And I thought that was amazing enough.  Then the other day she gave me feet in one of her drawings.  Then when I got out of the shower this morning, this is what I found on my preschool easel. 
 Apparently, I'm the huge one in the middle, David is in the upper right corner and she's in the upper left.  Now I know how she sees me, the beached whale of the bunch with the big mouth!  She likes to draw herself and I with crazy hair because that's what we have in common.  And right now while I'm typing this she's adding more legs to the drawings of David and I.  
It really is so incredible to watch her change and develop more and more skills.  She continually amazes us.  Yesterday she had a water bottle and said, "hey mom watch, I'll chug this."  David didn't believe me that she said that.  Too funny.

Trunk or Treat

Don't you just want to eat this little candy corn?  My friend and I made candy corn costumes for our daughters and they turned out delicious!  We went to our ward trunk or treat last night and everyone loved Cyrena's costume.  There were a few too many people there so Cyrena didn't visit very many 'trunks'.  She was content to sit in her chair and watch everyone while she explored a few things in her bag.  She cracks me up.  It was a fun time though and I thought she was adorable!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Daddy/Daughter Campout

Cyrena was lucky enough to go camping with her Daddy (and the ward dads and daughters) this weekend.  Boy, was she excited and they had so much fun together.  Before they went she kepy naming some of the dads who were going and all the moms who were going to stay home.  Other than a disoriented 15 minute crying fit at 1:00 in the morning, everything went pretty smoothly.  They went on 'hikes', ate good food, and sang her favorite songs.  When they got home Saturday she stayed in my arms for a good 5-10 minutes telling me how much she missed me.  That made it all worth it!  I enjoyed myself, going to my friend's house to scrapbook and chat, reading until way too late then sleeping in!  Here are a few pictures David took:

Sleeping Beauty--she actually slept until 7:30 a.m.--shocking!

She really posed for David in some of these pictures, so cute.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tough Love

Doggy had to go to timeout this morning.  When his time was up, this is what I heard:

"Doggy, do you know why you're on timeout?"

no response

"You need to help me clean up the blocks"

no response

"What do you say to me?"

no response

"Mom, doggy's all done with timeout!"

I can't wait to see what she does with a baby sister.  She's already my 'teacher's assisstant' repeating all my instructions to my preschool students.  She's definitely a mimic, should I be flattered or worried??

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Happy Family

Cyrena kept herself very busy one afternoon putting together a clear representation of our family.  She was so proud of herself.  Let me explain who is who.  Daddy's the one in the purple visor and mommy's wearing the brown hard hat.  Cyrena's the one with the upside down buck teeth.  At least I got some ears, Daddy's are missing. I think she captured the essence of our family.  

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just Saturday

Our 'to do before baby' list is getting shorter and shorter!  If you know me, you know I love to cross things off a list.  It runs in my family.  :) We've gotten so much done the past few weeks, the baby could come anytime and we would be ready!  I love getting ready for baby.  It's such a sweet, fun feeling of expectation.  In fact, last night I opened up a package of newborn swaddler diapers (already stocking the diaper bin).  All I had to do was smell the package and a flood of memories came back of when Cyrena wore them.   I had David smell it too so he could share in the memories.  Of course Cyrena had to smell them too, she's a smeller like me.  She could NOT believe how small they were.  She said they wouldn't fit her bum and boy is she right.  I'm ready for the shock of how different a newborn is going to look and seem compared to my gigantic almost 3 year old.  So yesterday we got some more things crossed off our list: 

*clean the garage 
*overseed our lawn (here in Arizona you have to plant winter grass every year)
*prune the trees in our backyard
*wash the car
*get copies made for preschool (through December)
*loads of baby laundry
*clean the infant car seat  
*finish cleaning out Cyrena's room
*fill boxes for charity

Whew!  We were exhausted after all that.  Here are some funny pictures from the day.  Every Saturday we let Cyrena stay in her pajamas for as long as she wants since it's the one day we don't have to hurry and go somewhere after we get up.  It makes her so happy. So here she is in her morning glory with a coat on since it was a little chilly.  

Also, she wouldn't stand up to hose the car off, she wanted to sit on the rolling chair. 
 Too funny. 

 I went and ran errands during her nap and when I got back I found her in the park by our house taking pictures of David trying, unsuccessfully, to fly a kite.  She got some great shots, even though her finger was on the lens.  I wish I could have taken a picture of her taking pictures--she's classic, as is this picture.

This is the time of year to be in Arizona----BEAUTIFUL!!!

Field Trip

This past week we had a field trip for preschool.  We went to an 'open gym' class at a local gymnasium.  One of my students attends classes there and her teacher did a session just for our class.  It was so much fun and the kids had a blast.  Cyrena loved it, even though some of the stuff was definitely a little too old for her.  She liked the frog hop the best.  This place was amazing and had such a fun variety of things to do.  All the kids enjoyed it, we'll definitely go back sometime in the spring.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I thought I had just a normal conference weekend coming up.  But boy was I wrong.  We had planned a YW breakfast/planning meeting/conference watching party for Saturday morning.  So I stayed up until midnight Friday night making homemade cinnamon rolls, then rolled out of bed before 7 the next morning.  I rinsed off in the shower, didn't wash my hair, and threw on some clothes.  We had a yummy breakfast at the YW president's house, then watched the first session of General Conference.  After it was over, the YW president said she needed me to run an errand with her--going to Barnes and Noble to see if I thought some book would be a good gift for all the YW.  Being as gullible as I am, I believed her.  However, we detoured to the Olive Garden because 'she needed to pick up a gift card for someone.'  She then convinced me to come in with her to check out a new statue they put up in the entry (is she a good liar or what???)  She also gave me a stick of bright blue gum which you can see in one the pictures...yuck! Anyway, I started to be a little suspicious and when we walked in we saw another counselor in the presidency there, then walked back and there, at a large table, were all the pretty faces of my good friends!!  It was an amazing surprise.  I was completely shocked and amazed by what they had done.  What sweet, adorable friends I have. 
   So I sit down, still smiling and laughing.  I eat some breadsticks and with everyone.  Then in walks my old Laurel advisor Tamralyn!  I knew she had a sister in Mesa and she happened to be in town that day.  I was so excited, I started crying!  She said my mom told her they were doing this shower and it would be neat if she stopped by.  It was so great to visit with her.  After awhile I start wondering where my neighbor is, since I knew she had something to do with all this.  Then I remembered she told me she'd been sick all week so I thought she still wasn't feeling well.  A few minutes later I get a tap on my shoulder and she's standing there with my mom and sister!!  What another shock, I couldn't close my mouth!  She had gone to the airport that morning and picked them up.  I guess they've been planning this since June and I had absolutely no clue.  I can be pretty naive at times. :)  It was such a fun shower.  The baby was so spoiled!  My mom and sister got to stay until last night and we had a great time playing, laughing and eating.  Thanks to all of you who made my shower so dang special!  I love you all!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Dr. Drill

Cyrena LOVES going to my dr. appointments.  She is such a habitual girl and the routine of the visits just suits her fancy.  She is a very active participant in the whole process.  I thought I should document what we do every month (every 2 weeks now!) so that I can remember this special and fun time with her.  

When we first get there, Cyrena goes directly to all the toys.  Then we take a break from that and use the restroom.  This is where she proceeds to tell me to go peepees in the cup so that the Dr. can look at it.  She can't resist taking a peek herself when I'm done.  Afterward, she takes a turn on the potty.  

When the nurse calls me back. I slip off my shoes and step on the scale (oh joy!).  After I'm done, Cyrena follows suit by taking her shoes off and climbing on the scale to the oohs and ahhs of the nurses.  I think Cyrena has maybe gained 1 pound this entire pregnancy....if only!  

When we get into the examination room, she climbs on the extra chair and has a snack or some water.  That lasts about 2 minutes before she's ready to explore the room.

....stirrups are so tempting....

After checking "my baby's" heartbeat then it's Cyrena's turn to hear "her baby".  The doctor puts "the glue" (as she says) on her belly then he finds her pulse close to her belly button so she can hear an actual heartbeat.  So while she thinks she's hearing "her baby's" heartbeat we all know it's just her own.  What a sweet doctor, huh?  He is great at indulging the kiddos.  

You can tell he's posed for a lot of photo-ops huh? 

I forgot to get pics of what we do after we leave the room.  We come out, she goes and picks out a gigantic sticker and a package of fruit snacks.  Then we head up front to check out where I get to pick a chocolate from a jar.  This office really knows how to treat their patients 
(and their kids)!

So, as you can see, I have a funny daughter who is constantly making me smile and keeping life interesting....I wonder what this next little princess is going to be like.

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