Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. We had a good time spending it with good friends! The Smiths and the Bluths came over for a lunchtime BBQ. Talk about good food, we stuffed ourselves! The kids had a blast playing on our slip n slide. I should say fun was had by all on the slip n slide except for Cyrena. In order for her to even try it out, she had to be bribed with dessert AND David had to go with her. Here are the pictures:

Slipping N sliding!
Back off ladies, he's mine! (he's going to kill me for putting this picture up).

Natalie LOVED being in the water.  This girl is going to be my swimmer I hope.  She kept putting her face down in the water, she was so happy.

This is Cyrena's perch.  She could watch the action and play in a water bucket at the same time.
The two 'babies' (I don't know if we can call Gavin a baby anymore!)

We had so much fun!  Then that night we went over to another BBQ at our neighbor's and it was SO tasty and fun also.  Cyrena had a lot of fun playing with all her friends all day!

This was the first National Holiday that we've hung a real flag.  We got one for listening to a presentation and so we were eager to put it up on Memorial Day.  Cyrena loves the flag and talks about it all the time when we see one driving around.  David enjoyed teaching her about it and what it represents.  It was great to see it hanging in front of our home.  

Thursday, May 21, 2009

**Warning: If you proceed to watch both music videos you will be singing them the rest of the day. While you're cleaning, daydreaming, cooking and also as you go to sleep tonight!

It's no secret that we are serious Veggie Tales fans here at our house. We look foward to watching them together and love that they appeal to both children and adults. The creators are so creative and we love the unique and silly ways they use different vegetables and voices. We've been borrowing c.d.'s from the library so we thought we would share our current favorite songs. One is from this c.d. :
Oh my goodness we've had fun singing our little hearts out in the car.  Then I had the brilliant idea to search youtube for a video of our favorite song on the c.d.  Here it is for your (and your kids) enjoyment.

We've also been getting Laurie Berkner c.d.'s from the library.  This is our favorite song from this c.d.:

What are you and your kids listening to?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Splish Splash

Natalie is pretty crazy in the bathtub.  
She LOVES to splash and we're soaking wet by the time she's done!
***warning: This clip is about 1 minute of just baby splashing, it may bore you but will be adorable to grandparents. :)

Good friends

Excuse me a moment for getting nostalgic.  This is just a collection of memories about some friends of ours.  Don't feel obligated to read.  

Our good friends, the Busby's, were in town so we made sure we got to see them!  They were the very first friends we made when we moved to Arizona in 2004.  At the time we didn't have any children and they had a newborn baby girl.  I instantly knew I wanted to be friends with Anika.  She was so friendly and sweet,  I felt I could trust her wholeheartedly.  We got to know each other through church basketball.  Our husbands played together and Anika and I would attend the games and get to know each other.  

One of the first things Anika asked me was when we were going to start a family.  She of course had no idea that I had suffered a miscarriage 3 months prior.   I told her that we were hoping to have a family any day now!  She immediately apologized, but I didn't take any offense, how would she have known?  Anika is the type of person that you would never be offended by.  She is so open and honest and real that you feel you could tell her anything, even your worst sins, and she would still think you were the most wonderful person in the world.  She has always made me feel so good about myself. 

A few days after I found out I was pregnant with Cyrena, we went to a Diamondbacks game with the Busby's.   It was a Monday night and Anika brought an Ensign to read in the car for all of us to have FHE together (amazing I tell you!).  After reading the article, she turns around in her seat...looks me in the eye and says..."Any news???"  I have nothing even resembling a poker face so she knew right away.  She was so extremely and genuinely happy for me.  

About 5 months later, we moved into our house in Surprise.  Luckily, we were still able to spend time with the Busby's fairly often.  Anika threw me a baby shower and she and Keith came to visit us in the hospital when we had Cyrena.  She brought me the yummiest Christmas sugar cookies.  Food never tastes as good as when you've just had a baby!

Then in the summer of '07 the Busby's decided to head back to BYU for Keith to earn his MBA.  It was so sad to know we wouldn't see them much anymore.  Keith always had a new board game to play with us; we loved watching Suns and Diamondbacks games with them, or watching the latest movies that had come out.  It was hard to say good-bye.

Now they are done with BYU and were down here visiting Keith's parents before heading to a new job in Ohio.  Luckily, we were able to meet up with them on Monday for lunch. Circumstances have changed, but not our friendship.  It was like we'd just seen each other last week.  They are such fun people to chat with and always have fun stories to tell.  They now have 3 children and we have 2 but again it was like no time had gone by.  

I'm so grateful for the many friends in our life.  We have met so many amazing people in the years we've been married.  It's so hard to say good-bye, we've had to do that with quite a few friends, especially in the years we've lived in Arizona.  But I feel so blessed that I was able to spend time with and know such wonderful people, even if it wasn't quite long enough and I wish I hadn't had to say good-bye.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

On Saturday night, David slept in a tent in the backyard with Cyrena. This was so exciting forher and she loved every minute of it. Sadly, I was told to stay inside to take care of Natalie. Actually around 10:00 p.m. she came in and asked me to switch places with Daddy. I told her next time I would.
Loaded up with books and water bottles (it was in the high 90's) they were good to go!

A little friend I spied in the backyard before I hurriedly went back inside.

Oh the excitement was killing her!

So David and Cyrena came waltzing in around 7:00 a.m. and we talked and played in bed like we do every Sunday morning. Then, while they left to go make me breakfast, I had a really fun photo shoot with Natalie. The camera loves her!

For my Mother's Day gift I asked David to help me deep clean the house.  We've worked hard all week and it's so nice to know my house is CLEAN.  At least for a few days...

David made me Eggs Benedict and it was YUMMMMMMY!  I love that he's willing to make special things for me!  Then we all got ready for church,  Natalie napped, I scrapbooked a little (we have 12:00 church), then it was off to a wonderful day at church.  The girls looked beautiful and I couldn't help but nibble on them.  Home from church we all rested then David put together a tasty dinner.

We have a ritual every night before we go to sleep.  I lay on David's chest and he plays with my hair while we talk and chat about our day, the kids, funny things that have happened, insights we've had, goals we want to work toward, what's stressing us out, etc.  Last night, as I got ready to assume my position David looked me in the eyes and said, "I want to tell you how I feel about you."  Ok, I'll admit I started giggling because it seemed like he was going to break into song or something.  So that made him laugh.  But then he expressed to me many wonderful and sweet feelings he has for me.  He is so good at telling me how amazing I am, when all I do is put myself down.   I feel so blessed to have him in my life, we truly are a perfect fit and couldn't survive this world without each other.  What a great way to end Mother's Day!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Future Missionary

So after dinner last night I wanted to go deliver some bread to someone I visit teach. I had just finished making it before dinner so it was smelling divine. Anyway, I told Cyrena she could ride her bike and we would put Natalie in the stroller. 

She hears the word 'bike' and runs to put on socks and sandals
(such a fashion faux pa but you gotta love a 3 year old).

Then strangely she grabbed her backpack
(which isn't really that strange because she's obsessed with the thing and takes it everywhere).

I tell her she won't want to bring her backpack since she's riding her bike.

She replies, "But that's what the Elders do when they ride their bikes."

How do I argue with that?

p.s.  This bike is about 15 years old.  It belonged to my niece when she was little--when Polly Pocket first came out!  I couldn't believe her endurance though.  She rode her bike the entire way there and the entire way back.  We estimated it was at least a mile round trip.  When this girls puts her mind to something, miracles happen!

Ki 'n El

Last weekend we watched our friend's girls. We had a fabulous time with 4 girls in the house! They had so much fun together playing, screaming, playing, screaming and playing! We spoiled them with homemade pizza, milkshakes, popcorn, skittles, and a movie!! We transformed the guest room into a fun zone and they made a big bed out of the pullout sofa. That's where they lounged and watched the movie. Well.....Ki watched while Cyrena and El jumped, bounced, harassed Ki and locked doors on each other. Too funny. The next morning we had a fun primary activity to attend and then had lunch and our time was over! 

Making the milkshakes.  David made sure everyone had a job.

That blender is LOUD

Sippin' on a milkshake

We had so much fun having the girls over--they are 2 of the 
sweetest, most fun girls and Cyrena LOVES them! 
They're her 'girls' as she likes to say.  The whole time we'd hear....

"Ki 'n El are you sleeping in the guest room?"  

"Ki 'n El are you going to eat breakfast with me?" 

 Ki 'n El let's jump!"

"Ki 'n El you're my best friends!"

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