Monday, November 16, 2009

Cyrena the swimmer

In September Cyrena had swimming lessons at the city pool. I've forgotten to post about it until now. She loved her teacher "Brandon" and looked forward to lessons every Saturday. She was so funny to watch because she's so cautious and does NOT want her face wet. We'll probably have to repeat this class until she feels more comfortable and can 'bob' under the water. She loves swimming!

Daddy/Daughter campout

This past Friday was our annual ward Daddy/Daughter campout. Ever since they mentioned it in church awhile back, Cyrena has been counting down! She was so excited to go with her dad. The day arrived and off they went. They camped at the White Tank Mountains...just 10 minutes away. They had fun playing baseball, watching movies, exploring, singing songs, reading books and of course sleeping in a tent! Cyrena loves special time with just her dad.

Natalie stayed with me since I knew all she'd do there is crawl around, eat rocks (and bugs and get filthy! Next year, she'll go for sure. Instead she and I went to the park and went down the slide about 30 times since that is her absolute favorite thing to do. Then we came home, ate dinner and after she went to bed I scrapbooked and watched a movie. I watched 'Australia' since I knew David wouldn't ever want to see that. I really liked it, it was so sweet and a great story. It taught me about a part of history I wasn't aware of. It was a fun, quiet night!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Halloween visitors!

Our pretty little 1 year old!

So happy (and filthy) when she's exploring outside

Grandma's keys were a hit

See, she asked grandpa to tickle her back! I told you it's genetic.

Crawling all over grandpa

Natalie was playing peek-a-boo with her feet

Cyrena will beg anyone to ride an escalator with her. She sees one, she's GOT to ride it!

Grandpa loved having the job of getting Natalie in and out of her carseat!

My girls love all the extra attention from Grandma and Grandpa (and so do I)! We had fun celebrating Natalie's birthday and Halloween. Grandma helped out at the preschool Halloween party (exhausting!). Grandpa and David played golf, Grandma and I shopped, we watched some movies, played with the girls and we ate out a few times.
Whew, so fun!!

However, their visits always go by too fast.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yep, he's 30!

David's birthday is just 2 days after Natalie's so we celebrated again! We were supposed to go hang out at the pumpkin patch (you know, after the Halloween rush?) but I didn't read the fine print that said it's closed on MONDAYS during November. So instead we went and walked around Westgate before heading to dinner at BJ's.

Natalie had so much fun playing with the water, she cried when we walked away. This girl is so much more adventurous than Cyrena was or ever will be.

Cyrena threw some pennies in the fountain and made some wishes (I think this was her first time, so fun). Among her wishes was "a happy birthday for daddy" and "a baby boy" She was really excited that night when David told her that one of her wishes came true........that he really did have a happy birthday! (did I getcha??) :)

Enjoying our Pizzokie dessert, we love BJ's!

I hope you had a great birthday David, the girls and I worship you and can't believe how lucky we are!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

She's 1!!!

With another Halloween comes a birthday for Miss Natalie! We've had our little cutie for 1 year now and we couldn't be more in love. Here are some highlights of her day:

We opened presents after lunch because we knew we'd be busy that night. She had fun opening up a few toys and was very anxious to get playing with them.

What a face!! Take a bite, you know you want to!

We had the missionaries over for dinner to help celebrate. Cyrena sat right next to them and yes she told them her life story. :) We made homemade pizza (a favorite). You can see she enjoyed it!

I made this cake for everyone to eat, then made Natalie her own personal cake to destroy for tradition's sake.

Her personal pumpkin cake, face by daddy.

Not much actually made it into her mouth. She spit a lot of it out.

Birthday princess! She loves to wear necklaces.

She was so happy with her mess, especially since we were all laughing pretty hard!

We love this little girl and can't get enough of her. She brings so much sunshine and fun into our lives! And It doesn't hurt that she's so squishy.

Halloween Cuties

In honor of Natalie's 1st birthday I made her a cupcake costume. When that was decided, Cyrena chimed in and wanted to be the 'candle'
Easy enough.
They were cute even though I'm pretty sure people didn't really know what they were....until I explained. :)

Natalie's always grabbing at her sister.

Remember how David's eyes close in pictures?? That darn flash does him in every time.

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