Saturday, March 20, 2010

Freeze Frame

Had to capture this:

Morning milk chug

because too soon it will be this:

and then this:

remember when it was this?

Tricky little leprechauns

We bought a little bag of gold coins -chocolate - so we could try to catch a leprechaun. We all know they love shiny things so we were convinced the coins would do the trick. However, when we went to the cupboard to grab the coins and set a trap.....we discovered they were GONE. All that was left behind were little scraps of green paper. We figured that meant the leprechaun had beat us to the punch! Leprechauns are messy you know. We decided to follow the messy trail of scraps and see if we could either find the gold or that tricky leprechaun!

We're on the trail

How did he get up those steps??

Cute bum shot

The trail led to MY bed, because it's green of course!

Under the green pillow

That tricky leprechaun! Maybe we can catch him next year.

Earlier that day we had a playdate and lunch with the Bluth kids. Here they are all lined up eating tootsie rolls outside!

Friday, March 12, 2010

He did it

He finally got the ladybug kite in the air. David, Cyrena and Grandpa took advantage of the windy and cold day and were successful! David has had many unsuccessful attempts, so this was a HAPPY afternoon!

What a pair

Let's go to the....ZOO!

We had a preschool field trip to the zoo this week. We had so much fun with our friends enjoying funky but cool weather and seeing awesome animals!

Me and my preschool girlies! The one and only boy was missing from this photo.
Aren't they the cutest?

This is a shark egg, totally awe-inspiring

Cyrena is seriously feeding the goats here, this is not a photoshop trick.
My little girl is growing up!

What a great day at the zoo! We're glad El was able to come with us!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Try try again

Cyrena loves learning about scientific things, specifically about animals and our bodies. Over at My Family, My Forever Susana's doing a giveaway for a My Silly Body book. This looks so cool and Cyrena would love it!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The week

Here's a little picture recap of our week:

Tara and Garrett came over for dinner. Natalie hit it off with baby cousin Claire. Who wouldn't, she's a CUTIE!

Cyrena went to a princess party and actually dressed up for it! This is huge, she never wants to dress up as a girly girl, only a 'worker' And to top it off she actually participated in a princess DANCE. She has always said, "I never want to dance mom" but she did at the party and and now she wants to dance....go figure.

Cyrena had a playdate with Haderlie after preschool on Tuesday.

Natalie had been having some respiratory issues and when the wheezing got pretty bad I got into the dr. right away. They immediately gave her a breathing treatment and she improved. They sent us home with a nebulizer to continue treatments every 4 hours. As soon as she realized it was making her feel better, she stopped squirming.

We realized if we strapped it on, turned on any cartoon with animals (she loves animals) then she would sit there with it on for almost half the treatment (5 minutes)!

On Thursday we went to a Spring Training game. It was a beautiful day to be at the ballfield

She had to get close to the action

Cyrena shared her ice cream cone with Daddy

She tried to get even closer to the action

That night I participated in the 10 Virgins program for our Relief Society meeting (what is it called now again??). It was nerve-wracking but fun to be a part of.

On Friday the girls slept over at the Bluths so David and I could go to an early Saturday morning session at the temple. They had a great time!

When we got home we had some lunch then we all wanted to take naps. Cyrena wanted to watch a 'short movie' before her nap. Natalie decided to join her.

Natalie is an expert at bugging her sister

She looks pretty satisfied doesn't she?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's in the bible?

Check out these great new dvd's for kids. They're by the same creator as VeggieTales which we're huge fans of. Cyrena would LOVE these! They're giving away a set over on Tired, Need Sleep.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pea harvest

We've sure been enjoying our Pea Pod harvesting. They have been so tasty, we've been eating them raw right out of the pod. In fact, it's Cyrena's new obsession. If you come over, she will head right out to pick a pea pod for you to sample. She'll make sure it's a nice, ripe one too (David has taught her well). Even Natalie who is a slightly picky eater will open right up for some raw peas. YUM!

In fact, Natalie is so used to watching Cyrena march right over to pick and eat some peas that she will also march right over and pick some lettuce (which is planted next to the peas) to munch. She'll just chew and spit it out. It's quite fun to watch her walk around with a big piece of lettuce hanging out of her mouth. She thinks she's so big.






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