Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BOB books

I've been watching this set of books come and go at Costco waiting until Cyrena is just right for them. The time has COME!!!! I bought sets 1, 2, &3. She's gone through the first 2 books in set 1 so far and is so happy with herself.

What I like about the books:
*short, predictable text that uses word families
*simple illustrations
*it says 'the end', she loves to say it!
*each book builds on the previous book so the kids see something familiar; it gives them confidence
*great price!

I can't wait to make it through all the sets although I won't push her, we just work with them when she wants to! I'll let you know as we progress. I've got some other learning activities to post that we've been doing--soon to come!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Fun' Fundraiser

I never posted about it (shame on me!) but last fall David completed a "Rim2Rim" Grand Canyon hike. It was one of the hardest things he's ever done, but he'll never forget it. He did it with several ward members and others who were raising money for the A-T Children's Project. This hit close to home since a child in our ward is afflicted by ataxia-telangiectasia, a life-threatening genetic disease. His name is Liam.

Liam's family just moved to St. Louis in December. It was so sad to see his family leave. His mom has always been a favorite of mine!! Part of the sadness was that I lost one of my preschoolers, his little brother, Nolan. Preschool has never been the same! :)

However, they have had amazing experiences in St. Louis in the past few months. One of these experiences is coming up Tuesday, May 4. Their elementary school is having a fundraiser to raise money for the A-T Children's Project.

Liam's 3rd grade teacher has put together a fundraiser that requires any student and teacher to donate a minimum of $1. By doing so, they will be 'allowed' to wear their tackiest clothes on "Tacky Tuesday" So fun, right??

We can join with Liam's classmates, school and community by donating on the A-T Children's Project site in Liam's name. And hey you can even wear your tackiest clothes on Tuesday, May 4! If anyone asks, tell them about Liam.

Liam, and all the other A-T children deserve to be talked about and deserve a chance to LIVE.

Liam is turning 9 years old soon.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

May I have your order?

David and I have never bought new phones for our home. We've always found used ones that have worked fine. We've been using the same cordless/digital answering machine phone for the past 5 years. But our used phone upstairs has been dying. I've always dreamed of having the kind of phone where you have one main base then a few extra handsets that go with it. I know, I'm a nerd.

Anyway, one day on a whim I looked them up on Craigslist, found a set for $20, bought them and love them. Had I known I could find a set for $20 I would have bought them years ago! My dreams are now fulfilled.

After we got them home, I was investigating and realized there was an intercom function on them. What??? You mean I could call handset to handset??? TOO COOL.

So for the next few hours we played constantly with them; David, Cyrena and I while Natalie was napping. We mostly played restaurant as you can see from the pictures below. Cyrena went to her picnic table outside, called my handset to make an order, then David delivered it to her. It was pretty darn entertaining. I told David it was like the old days at Training Table in Provo--there's something about ordering food on a phone that just makes it more fun.

Pure genius these 'phone makers', pure genius!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Please pass the books

What makes you smile?
Books make me smile. They always have and they always will.
But what makes me smile even more is watching my children devour books.
I've realized that we unintentionally have kids books in every room in the house (except the bathrooms). We even have some in these shelves in the upstairs hallway.
We love books that much.

I was working on preschool activities and turned around to see this. My heart melted.

One morning Natalie wouldn't get out of the crib and just pointed at one of our books baskets. She went through the whole basket and read for about 15 minutes or so. The whole time she was pretend reading out loud like she's done for the past 6 months. My heart melted.

Here she is with one of her ALL-TIME favorites--Hand, Hand, Fingers Thumb. She is constantly grabbing a book, screaming "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!" (she calls us both that), then backing up to our lap so we'll read yet another one. Our hearts melt.

Be still my heart
We love books

Monday, April 5, 2010

Conference/Easter Weekend

We had a completely wonderful weekend going to Disney on Ice, watching conference together, making goodies, preparing surprises, sharing and writing our testimonies, pondering the atonement, eating yummy food, and just plain being together (my favorite thing). It was a weekend I won't soon forget. Here are some highlights:

We rode the Light Rail into the U.S. Airways Center for Disney on Ice

This was SO FUN and a great way to not have to pay for parking!

Walking to our seats we passed a few of these and Natalie was fascinated with Jack

One happy little girl!

Part of the Grand Finale--what an amazing show! I was very impressed!

Too too cute

Natalie thankfully fell asleep on me during the 2nd act

Saturday morning we began our conference watching marathon. The local stations decided to take if off the air (old game show reruns were more important) so we gathered around our computer to watch via the internet. I love the look Natalie is giving David in this picture.

Cyrena was furiously taking notes during the sessions. Then we noticed she was writing, then pretending to dip her pen in some ink then writing again.....too funny.

That night we tie-dyed some eggs.

Everyone got involved

Really involved as you can see.

The next morning when the girls woke up, they found the eggs they'd dyed

Natalie was SO proud every time she found one!

Then they hunted for their baskets. Natalie's was in her favorite spot....the pantry!

And Cyrena's was in the curio cabinet in the entryway
What a tricky Easter Bunny

The rest of the day was spent having our traditional Easter breakfast- Goldenrod-watching conference, having a yummy Easter dinner with friends, playing, chatting, and setting goals. My heart is so full and for that I'm very grateful.

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