Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Preschool

Well there was a lot to fit in and we didn't get to all of what I had planned since we left on a trip...I also didn't get pictures of everything. However, learning did occur and we did have fun! I also brought some Thanksgiving papers/coloring/reading activities for her to do in the car. The problem was she finished them too fast!

I made Natalie a sensory tub with popcorn kernels. She spent a lot of time scooping and pouring.

Cyrena matched turkey feathers with numbered turkeys

We played 'turkey tails'. I laid out a bunch of turkeys with sight words on them. Underneath one I hid a paper pumpkin. We said "turkey tails, turkey tails! One, two, three! Turkey tails, turkey tails! Where could it be?" Then she would pick a turkey, say the word, and check underneath for the pumpkin. This was too fun. I found it here. On that same site, I also printed some pilgrim color word sheets that she worked on in the car--she loved them and called them Jack and Annie because we had just read "The Magic Treehouse Thanksgiving on Thursday" book!

She colored a turkey on a 'color by number sheet' from the same resource as above. I wanted to see if she knew her color words and she does! She continues to surprise and amaze me.

We matched up colored unifix cubes to colored turkeys...

Then stacked the 'like' colors together to see how many of each we had. Cyrena arranged them like that on her own then told me, "I made a stock" She's been watching and learning from her dad's dabbling in the stock market.

The girls made a cut and paste turkey

For Cyrena's she had to write how many of each color of feathers she used, then write a number sentence for it. She liked it! I found this idea here.

We played Roll-a-Turkey where Cyrena rolled a die and drew the corresponding part of a turkey. She was very proud of this!

Thanksgiving 2010

Sort of at the last minute (with my dr's approval) we decided to drive up to Hurricane, Utah to meet up with my parents and my sister Debbie's family. After an eventful drive, we made it and had a great, relaxing time. On Friday, all the girls went shopping (I never get to do that, so fun!!) and the dads took the kids to a local fishing hole--with no success but fun was had by all. Saturday my sister's family left and I was feeling a little 'fluish' so my mom helped me take care of the girls while David and my dad went golfing. A great trip with great company and great food of course!

Throwing a football in the yard--a Thanksgiving must

Uncle Lynn made amazing pancake animals!!

Sunday morning we woke up to SNOW! I got Cyrena up and made her close her eyes until I got her to the window--she was SO excited!

Oh, you want to know more about the eventful drive?? Here you go:

Just outside of Vegas, we were pummeled by a huge, styrofoam fist....yep a styrofoam FIST. We think it was an event prop of some sort. Anyway, it flew out of someone's truck, hit one car then flew through the air and landed on our roof then bounced onto our hood. Then 2 other cars hit it until it finally came to rest near the median. It was almost as tall as David-crazy. The Highway Patrol had to come and make a report so that took over an hour for all 4 cars that were affected. Our car had the most damage of course, it looks awful and now the passenger door sticks. Oh, and the driver of the truck that it flew out of drove off never to be seen again so we have to pay a $500 deductible because it's labeled an accident with an uninsured motorist. Icing on the cake.

In the middle of all this, Natalie threw up. We've never had a child throw up on a drive before....not fun to clean up while we're on the shoulder of a busy freeway. She threw up 2 more times before we finally made it to my parent's Hurricane home. We don't know what was wrong with her. I did remember later that she had eaten part of a crayon when she was bored in the car...

A couple days later she said "my tummy hurts, throw up, need bowl me" She was just joking and oh how it made me laugh! She's such a silly girl.

The drive home Sunday was completely and utterly normal, thank goodness.

The Cut



What happens when mom gets an idea in her head....luckily it worked!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall Preschool

I'm only posting my theme-related preschool activities. We do have literacy and math activities everyday that are not theme-related. I may start posting more about that in January.

The weather is cooling down and this is what our early mornings have looked like lately

Natalie is clipping clothespins on a cup. She has lost a bit of interest in any structured, sit-down activities so I've made sure to get out things for her to just play with and things I can talk to her about (colors, shapes, her babies, blocks, things to scoop and transfer, etc.) And she still participates in all the singing, games, poems, etc.

Cyrena is matching more short vowel pigs while her sister is trying to mess her up

We made pumpkin patches! First we read a book about how pumpkins grow then we used our dot paints and made pumpkins all over our paper...

Then drew vines to connect all the pumpkins-so cute and fun!

I scattered leaves all over the floor and we sang a leaf collecting song while we picked them up and put them in the basket. Both girls loved it and we did it several times.

Cyrena matched up leaf addition problems with the acorn answers. These were just +1 problems (3+1, 14+1, etc.) She loves adding so this was great for her. I found it here.

The girls matched up leaves as well. This was hard because they looked pretty similar. I found it here.

Cyrena practiced counting by 10's. Found here.

The girls painted fall trees with q-tips.

Here Cyrena is determining ''which is different'' on these fall-themed cards. 3 of the pictures are the same and one is a bit different. I laminated these and put them on a ring so she could just flip through and mark the different one with a marker. She liked this a lot, I found it here.

We played Roll a Fall Tree with a die. Sorry, I don't remember where I found this.

I didn't get pictures of everything we did, but maybe this will give you some ideas!

Older, Wiser, and More Fun

David's birthday was earlier this month. Usually David and I don't do much for each others birthdays as far as presents are concerned. We will sometimes get something small but always give a nice card and spend time together. And by something small I refer to the year I bought myself a $3 salad spinner. And sometimes we end up getting him some new clothes (a yearly event that is torture for him). See, my birthday's in the summer right after we've usually taken a trip and his is right at the beginning of the holiday season so at both time's cash is tighter. And it's not like we really NEED anything, you know?

ANYWAY, this year I decided enough was enough and my sweet husband deserved a gift that was FUN and well thought out. I came up with...a GUITAR. Yep, you heard me. When we were dating, David would borrow his roommates guitar and play for me. And ever since, whenever we've been around someone with a guitar he would pick up it and play with it. Yet he's never had his own.

Since we moved, he is home earlier from work and has more free time. It was time for a new hobby and this is what I picked for him. Haha. :) The girls were SO excited and I can't believe they kept it a secret! I told David right up front (before he even knew what it was) that he could take it back and I would not be offended since it was something I hadn't discussed with him. When he first opened it, he wasn't so sure he wanted it. He didn't know if he would stick with it enough to justify having it. However, in the next 10 minutes, after picking it up, tuning it, etc. he was hooked. There was no going back and he's been playing it everyday since; memorizing chords, playing hymns, and learning Christmas songs and lullabies for the girls. Too fun, and I'm so happy for him.

We went to Joe's Farm Grill for a tasty birthday dinner!

Operation Christmas Child

In keeping with our tradition we started last year, we filled some shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. We spent one FHE shopping and planning and then the next Monday we filled our shoeboxes. The girls were so excited to put (pile) everything in. We decided to do 2 girls, ages 2-4. We bought dress-up clothes, toys, hard candy, crayons, notebooks, playdoh, hair accessories and more. Then the girls filled out sheets about themselves (while eating candy canes) to put in the boxes. I found these sheets on OCC's website. They were really cute and fun to do since Cyrena could do the writing on hers.

This year was especially fun because Cyrena understands it a little more. It will be interesting to see her understanding deepen each year. We watched a couple of promo videos so she could see some of the kids getting their boxes previous years. That really helped her. Now she has seen where some of the kids live and what they look like. Now she prays that they can have a better place to live. We told her even if they don't have a nice home to live in, receiving our boxes will help them feel happy!

If you want to fill boxes, there's still time! They're collecting until November 22.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Portraits

When we went to the train park, we arrived a bit early so I could take advantage of the area for some pictures of the girls. I had a LOT of luck (my camera and the lighting cooperated which doesn't always happen). I ended up with some good ones. Natalie was DONE by the end--ready to play-- so I didn't really get a good one of the 2 of them together...but they were still cute and candid.

Now keep in mind I have absolutely no fancy editing skills or software, they are pretty much straight from the camera-don't judge!

See Natalie's tears??

Watching for their friends to arrive

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