Monday, August 29, 2011

Teeth and Hair

It feels like awhile since I've posted and there are things I need to catch up on.

 One day I noticed Anna had a tooth about to pop through.  The next day there it was.

And a couple of days later there was tooth #2!  She did well, I barely noticed she was teething.  She's in such a fun stage right now, her personality is shining through.  She's a fun-loving gal. :)

Most mornings, Natalie's hair looks like this.  That's a huge messy rat's nest in the back.  Not fun to comb through.

 So I decided it was time to get it shaped.  She'd never had her haircut before.  I asked a Laurel in our ward who is going to hair school to cut it.  Natalie was so excited, she wanted her to make her look like "Belle."  She basically just evened up the back and now it is so much easier to comb through!  I felt comfortable cutting Cyrena's hair since it has such texture it can hide mistakes.  Natalie's hair is fine and thin so I knew any mistakes I made would show!  And I'm happy to say her ends are still curling beautifully!

On Saturday (I was fighting a head cold) we met up with Ashley and Logan to see the premiere of "The Lion King 3D".  It was fun even though I just wanted to be horizontal.  I just love that movie though.  Ashley had won free tickets and it was kind of a big event in a fun large theater...Radio Disney people were there! :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

The beginning of the end

Cyrena had a great first week of school. Thankfully it was a short week-just Wed-Fri.  She loved every minute of it and didn't come home as tired as I thought she would be.  :)  The only tears were Friday night at bedtime when she was so exhausted that she said she didn't want to go back.  Luckily I had just signed up to volunteer for Monday (today) so that soothed her. 

I didn't cry at all the day of, I think I got it all out the night before.  I did eat lunch with her on Wed and Fri.  Those all-day kindergarteners have a hard time eating lunch without a lot of help.  They all need extra hands to open water bottles, food containers, lunchboxes, string cheese packages, etc.  There is a lot of training that goes on those first few days: walking in a line, where to put their lunchbox before recess, where to line up after recess, etc.  That brings back some memories, but I always got kids after they were pretty well trained by the k &1st grade teachers!! 

Cyrena loves to sleep in.  Many summer days she didn't get up until 8:30 so I've had to wake her each morning and she has a hard time getting going.  Her bus has come early twice (like 8 minutes early!) and because of that we almost missed it once so now she has extra motivation to get ready in the morning--wouldn't want to miss that 5 minute bus ride!

I think the hardest thing about sending kids to school is that now they are out of your complete control and at the mercy of others.  I know Cyrena is strong and luckily she tells us everything but I still worry about what she's being exposed to and the worldly 'noise' around her.  It makes me want to be even more stalwart in my efforts as a mother.  

On another note, yesterday Cyrena was able to participate in a Stake Children's choir.  They've been practicing for about 6 weeks and performed for the general session yesterday.  She did a wonderful job and actually sat still through the 2 hours of speakers!

Ready for her first day with her friend, Robyn.  I am so glad they are in the same class.  I think it's made the transition that much easier.  

Last glimpse.  They wanted parents to say good-bye at the gate outside.  We barely got a wave from Cyrena as she was happily chatting with Robyn as they walked in. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Summer Days

Summer Days are ending tomorrow!  Ahh, how did I get old enough to have a kindergartener?  She's excited, I'm melancholy, we'll both make it through tomorrow I'm sure.  The tears already started during dinner when David cheerfully announced "Cyrena, in 13 hours you'll be on the bus!"  She looked at me, teared up and said "I'm going to miss you."  That's all it took to get me going.  This from the girl who hasn't acted sad one BIT this entire time.  I think it's hitting her now.  David had to jump in and save the day.  My tears continued during David's father's blessing for Cyrena.  David asked if he needs to take the day off tomorrow to comfort me. :)  It's the ending of an era, Cyrena and I have made a great team these last 5 1/2 years. 

I did want to capture what our summer days have looked like.  I'm a bit of a homebody and my kids are happy to oblige, especially with it being so hot outside.  We'll have the occasional outing or playdate but for the most part we stay close to home.  

The mornings start out a bit lazy...lay around in pj's and play for a bit

 Then a leisurely breakfast where we eat great food and explore the newspaper

 We dress and do hair then complete some chores

 THEN it's dancing time!  The girls turn on the Disney station on Pandora and the floor is theirs.  They do this every single day.

 While Anna does a lot of this...laughing and learning how to sit up

 Occasionally we'll do a fun activity, like decorating cupcakes.

 These turned out quite tasty as you can imagine!  It was all purple sprinkles for Natalie-her favorite color.
We also enjoy lots of books, the girls are great about reading together most of the time

And of course when Dad gets home it's pandemonium as we all scramble for his undivided attention.

And there you have it, it's not much but it's what we do and what we like.   And now it's coming to an end...sob!

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