Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is it Fall yet?

David and I were talking tonight how we're so ready for Fall, especially for Fall meals!  That's it, regardless of the high temps, I'm making chili this week. 

There hasn't been much going on around here other than the normal everyday hustle and bustle.  I have neglected to mention that I am teaching preschool again.  It kind of happened at the last minute and  I have a full class!  We've been in school for a month now and it's going well.  I have 7 boys plus Natalie so it can get a bit crazy and exhausting.  Natalie is a huge flirt and loves all the attention.  It's a little worrisome.  And Anna is handling it the best she can, which isn't great most of the time. :) It's just 2 days a week and that is perfect. 

Cyrena has been spending a lot of time with David lately, which thrills her.  David took her to a Diamondbacks game last week.  The McKay's came as well so Cyrena had a friend.  They had a great time. 
Then last Friday David took Cyrena and Natalie to our local high school football game (we live about 2 minutes away).  It was a rematch of last year's State Championship game so that was fun for them to see.  Our high school is really good and some priests in our ward on are it, so lots of ward members were there.

One morning I came out of the shower and found Anna like this.  She usually just sits up and plays but she must've given up on me! 

Two Funnies:

1.  Cyrena is always trying to delay bedtime, it's a bad habit of hers that we are constantly trying to break.  One night she came out and asked for a drink of water.  We told her to go ahead.  Then she proceeds to tell us very very dramatically with wide eyes and dramatic facial expressions:

"Before bed you have to make sure your tummy is REEEEEALLY full so that you can survive through the night because you can't eat AAAAANYthing all night long."

2.  A few weeks ago, David and I went for our temple recommend interviews at the stake offices.  The stake president took David into his office first and when David came out, I went in.  The girls were just sitting in the foyer right outside the office.  

When my interview was finished, I came out and said "ok girls, are you ready?"
Natalie said, "yep" and marched right into the stake president's office and sat herself down in a chair.  He sweetly indulged her and proceeded to 'interview' her.  

"Do you listen to your mommy and daddy?" "mmm-hhmm" (nodding)

"Do you like to go to church?"  "mmm-hmm" (nodding)

"Are you nice to your sisters?"  "mmm-hmm" (nodding)

"Do you love Jesus?"  "mmm-hmm" (nodding)

"Well I think you're a great little girl, thanks for talking with me!"  "ok, it's Cyrena's turn!"

Of course Cyrena knew what was going on and that she didn't need an interview.  David and I were cracking up, it was something we'll never forget!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cyrena's Brain

In this picture Cyrena is leading the girls in some jumping jacks.  I'm pretty sure they think they got to 200, what a feat! :)

Oh our girl is one of a kind.  Cyrena is the kind of kid that will tell you anything and everything that is going through her mind.  She's going to be an easy teenager in that regard. We won't have to wonder what's going on in her life. 

I've been meaning to write this post for months now.  I want to record some funny things she says and does that show how truly unique she is.  Here goes:

1.  When I expressed how much I was going to miss her while she was at Kindergarten ALL DAY she told me not to worry because she promises to give me BIG hugs and BIG kisses before she left and then again when she gets home.  So far, she's kept her promise.

2.  She asked me one day "why we don't have air holes in our house- how are we breathing??"  This one stumped me a bit.  I tried to explain about vents, oxygen but it wasn't satisfying her.  I told her we have windows and doors but she's smart enough to know we don't open those while it's 115 outside.  I told her to ask her dad.

3.  Another question was "How did Heavenly Father get to be in charge of Heaven?" This girl is a thinker.

4.  One day this summer she said she "figured something out." She told me that in Bambi, his dad is in charge of getting food and shelter for his family.  And other animal dad's hunt for food to feed their family.  In our family, our dad goes to work so we can buy food for our family and have a house to live in.  She was so proud of her reasoning!  She "figures things out" all the time.

5.  One night we were playing around after dinner.  Natalie was sorting color cards and Cyrena was doing an addition game with David.  She's getting really efficient with addition, number sense and number conservation.  I told her this and she said, "yeah, I'm pretty mathy huh?"

6.  A couple of weeks ago I was alone in the car with Cyrena.  She was talking nonstop as usual.  She told me how lucky she is that she gets to dance with her dad.  She said one of her kindergarten friends has just a dad and no mom, his mom had died.  I told her that was really sad and she said she would be so sad if she didn't get to be with me anymore.  I told her that's why we need to pray everyday and thank Heavenly Father for the chance to be together.  She got excited and said/sang "That's like 'Families can be together forever.'.."  Then she continued talking about how lucky we are and how it would be hard to be apart but at least we know we can be together forever.  It was very sweet.  

7.  The girls watch a movie every Friday night.  Recently it's been a fight over who picks the movie.  One night David said for them to pick a number between 1 and 10 and the closest person would get to pick the movie.  I didn't think they would really understand.  Cyrena picked 5 and Natalie picked 3.  David said the number was 3 so Natalie got to pick.  Of course Cyrena threw a fit and then there was this whole sister moment where Natalie was sweet and told her not to cry and that Cyrena could pick.  They hugged and then Cyrena gave in and let Natalie pick.  It was quite the drama with hugs and kisses and tears all around.  Anyway, the next day Cyrena was still thinking about it and said "but Mom, 5 is really between 1 and 10"  After listening to her and following her logic I realized she thought that she was supposed to say the number that was exactly between 1 and 10-which would be 5.  That's my logical, literal, black and white girl-she is just like me!

We just love this girl and can't imagine life without her incessant chatter.  She is loving all day kindergarten.  She gets on the bus at 8:10 and then the bus brings her home at 3:30.  It's a long day, but she's handling it well.  

Her teacher met with me last week to come up with some ways to 'enrich' her.  She tested on a 2nd grade independent/3rd grade instructional reading level.  For right now they're having her do some second grade reading work and we'll see how that goes.  So far it seems easy for her. They haven't tested math yet.  I'm not worried about her being bored because she loves everything about school and I know we can continue to challenge her at home. 

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