Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here, there, everywhere

Does anyone else feel like their head is spinning?  I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Yesterday was bad.  Today was better.  I worry a lot about my little preschoolers, but today was a great day and I felt like they learned a lot.  So many days I have no idea if I'm getting through to them.  But when I worry about my preschoolers and my curriculum, I feel guilty because I have less attention for my kids, and less time for keeping up my chores.  But then there are days like today where I've been able to stay on top of everything and everyone's been happy.  Go figure, just take one day at a time.  

The next 6 days are pretty packed; visiting teaching, truck or treat, recheck for Anna's cranial, preschool Halloween party, primary program logistics planning, primary program practice, primary program Sunday, plan Sunday singing time, carve pumpkins, Cyrena's fun run, gymnastics, fix/prepare costumes, prepare Cyrena's star student poster, babysit for a friend, Halloween, and Natalie's birthday!

It will be busy.

Here are some random pictures from the last bit.

 I helped my friend Alison make a Charlie Brown Romper for her baby boy.  
We turned a yellow t-shirt into a romper--even putting in snaps!  And it only took us 3 hours--ha!  It was an adventure and we were very proud of ourselves.

 Anna is getting more and more mobile.  She's not on all fours yet but she is rolling, twisting, turning, and scooting her way into everything.  She often ends up like this and she doesn't like it.  This girl doesn't hesitate to let you know how she feels.  She's a big part of my stress lately and is in a very hard stage.  Let's just say there is a lot of screaming involved and I'm contemplating using timeout at 10 months old!  It's a VERY good thing that she's cute.

She has also become a major Daddy's girl lately.  I wouldn't have expected anything different.  When he comes home from work and goes to one of her sisters first, Anna immediately shares her displeasure--in a very loud way.

I went to a kid's consignment sale a couple of weeks ago.  I picked up this magnetic gear toy for $1.  It is awesome.  The girls have had so much fun with it, I highly recommend it!

This past weekend we traded off with some friends for a date night.  David and I used a saved gift card for dinner then headed to the $2 movie to see the final Harry Potter.  It was great fun.  I have to tell a funny on David.  Many times David needs to me to give him little reminders about characters, names, etc. It's not something that's easy for him to remember and I'm happy to oblige.  Toward the end of the movie there's a scene where Harry visits with several close friends/family who are deceased.  When it showed one of them up close...I leaned close to David and I said "you remember him, right?  Harry's godfather?"  David slowly nodded then his eyes lit up and he said "you mean Sirius Black?"  Hahaha, I couldn't stop laughing! And he couldn't help but laugh at me when I would be learning forward and nodding during different parts of the movie.  What can I say, those books were magical.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Family Pictures 2011

So here are the family pictures we took at the ranch.  We're all pretty squinty but we didn't really have a choice in the time of day they were taken between naps, meals, etc.  Cyrena is a poser and Natalie couldn't smile naturally if her life depended on it.  All in all, I'm pleased with them!  Randy took the family pictures for us then I took the ones of the girls alone.  So fun. 

I do wish we owned some editing software...although I probably wouldn't be able to figure out how to use it...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Taylor Ranch

Last weekend David's boss' family invited us up to their family ranch.  We went last year and had a blast.  It was a last minute trip but we're so glad we went.  We drove up Thursday night and came home Saturday night.  David and Randy had a meeting in Winslow Friday morning and then we had the rest of time to play.  The kids had a blast being outside.  The first day it snowed and the next day was a sunny mid-50's and Cyrena and I got a sunburn.  Go figure.

It was fun to see Anna all bundled up!

I can't remember what she's crying about but this is a great shot of the snow falling.

Anna watching the snow from the covered porch--it was beautiful

Oh my girls, what will we ever do if we have a boy??  I still can't believe I got this shot, all three smiling and happy. 

The ranch is beautiful with a handful of buildings, tons of land, a fire pit, swing set, a creek, tractors, etc., etc.  Paradise for kids basically.

Anna was a great traveler this trip.  She kind of lost it the last day while we were packing the car.  She doesn't like to just watch the action, she wants to be in it. 

Since we had a couple fires we burned through some of the wood pile so David and Randy chopped up some wood to replenish it.  They gave us girls a turn as well.  Here Brittney is hitting the wedge into the log to make it easier to split and Randy is giving a devotional about not letting wedges come into our marriages...

That's MY man!  And I quote: "There's just something about when you swing the ax and the log splits that makes you feel manly."  I love him.

Randy also took some family pictures for us while we were there, I'll post them soon.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A vist from Grandma

Grandma Taylor was able to come for a visit a couple of weeks ago.  We all loved the extra attention, especially Anna.  Cyrena cried pretty hard when we dropped grandma off at the airport.  Sad days.
 Right before grandma came, Cyrena had a little chest cold that quickly cleared up, but she lost her voice because of it. Then toward the end of the week Natalie came down with it.  Any sickness always hits her HARD.  She couldn't sleep well and kept coming into our room.  Her voice was also gone....David was enjoying the quiet. :)  The only bad thing was we couldn't hear her call us into the bathroom when she was done so when we'd go back to check on her she'd just be sitting there crying since she'd been done for awhile.  Poor girl.  In the pictures below she was just starting in on her cold.

About 4 days later, Anna came down with it and she coughed so hard she threw up all over David.  But hers quickly cleared up as well.  I'm hoping she has Cyrena's immune system.  Natalie can be quite the sickly one.  Anyway, David and I were fine and now everyone's healthy thank goodness!


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