Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Soccer, sleeping and silliness

I've been a terrible blogger this month!  January has been a lovely month.  We've had fun with the girls in soccer and everyone's getting back into a regular routine.  There have been a lot of positives this month and that always makes for a happy household.  

Anna has discovered the kitchen cupboards.  So far no damage done, just exploration. She likes to play with all the kid cups/bowls which are on the cupboard near her right hand.  This is classic of her; on the floor being silly with one slipper on.  I try to keep her feet warm, it's a never-ending task.

The other night we babysat some kids for friends; 3 kids from one family and 1 from another.  7 kids under 7, super fun! They were all amazing, no problem at all.  I put one of the babies down for bed in the girl's room because I thought I'd need our room for another baby.  Turns out that other baby was happy to stay up and play until his parents came.  
 So after the 3 kids from one family were picked up we put the girls to bed in our room.  They were so excited.  I think they were under the impression that we were all going to sleep in there together.  Cyrena slept on David's side and Natalie slept on mine because they were "the daddy and the mommy!!"  I love this picture because it shows exactly how they sleep.  Cyrena sleeps all night with covers bundled up to her chin while Natalie kicks the covers off and is spread eagle.  Classic.

At the beginning of the month, Cyrena had a really hard time with her morning routine.  She could NOT get up and get going in the morning.  Who could blame her after late nights and sleeping in during vacation?  Because of this problem we were late for the bus a few times and had to run to catch it.  Cyrena's bus driver was so nice and always stopped for us.  In my gratitude for him, I realized I never did anything for him during Christmas!  How did I miss that??  So to thank him we made him a card and she drew the above picture.  I love all the details in her drawing.  We put it with some homemade cookies and a Target gift card.  This man makes it so I can stay home while he gets my girl safely to and from school every. single. day.  Yes, I'm grateful and we haven't been late for the the bus since.

Anna is loving being outside.  However, it's hard to keep track of a crawling baby outside.  This is her watching out the window while David is mowing the lawn.  

Natalie and Cyrena have both been in soccer this month and it will continue through next month.  Natalie loves the experience of wearing the uniform and going to games, but actually kicking the ball and understanding what's going on is beyond her.  It's very entertaining.

A much needed drink break.  She actually kicked the ball this last Saturday, we were elated!  

Cyrena's having a good season.  She has a great coach that really challenges her.  She is much improved since last year but still doesn't quite have the coordination of other kids.  She's definitely a better defensive player than offensive.  She's got a lot of heart though and she won't give up!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Christmas Aftermath

After Christmas we headed up North to enjoy some cooler weather.  Or so we thought.  It was actually quite warm while we were there and absolutely no snow.  We were a little bummed, but we had a lot of fun with family.  The day after we got there my brother surprised us and drove in from California.  We rarely see them so it was a real treat to spend the week with them and their 3 little ones!  It made for some full days and late nights and we came home exhausted; it was all worth it though.

There was a thin layer of snow on the basketball court so the girls made the most of it.  Here Natalie is prancing around in her slippers.

A snowball fight with cousins

Traditional nail painting by Elise!

My brother Dave that surprised us.  He's holding one of his boys, Dylan who is about 8 months older than Natalie

We went out to eat a few times and usually there was a 'kids table'  That sure made it nice for us and the kids had a blast.  In this picture Naomi and Cyrena are drawing on their placemats.  Naomi slept over with us a couple of nights and we had so much fun with her!

Going on a hike with the cousins behind grandma and grandpa's property.  That's Dylan (3), Andrew (6), Cyrena, Naomi (7), and Natalie.

Cyrena gets a little unsure about her footing on outings like this.  She especially did this day since there was a LOT of deer poop (or grapes as Natalie thought) so she clung to Dave's hand the entire time and he was an awesome, reassuring and patient uncle!

Oh yeah, Anna was there too! :)

Anna really loved Jacob's ipod touch.  If she was fussing he would whip that out and she'd be all smiles

Karaoke time! 
Toasting in the New Year (at 11 p.m.)

That Sunday, New Year's Day, was my nephew Eric's mission farewell.  It was an incredible meeting.  The spirit was present and we all commented afterward on how much we were edified.  Eric's talk was wonderful then Alec played the viola in a string quartet that was outstanding and then the concluding speaker was a sister who had undergone numerous trials in the past decade that are beyond my ability to comprehend.  The talks centered on The Book of Mormon and how all the answers we seek can be found within it's pages. 

Afterward there was a luncheon at Eric's home and it was fun to have some more family time before we headed out.  Lynn and Debbie were Anna's best friends.  They gave her sparkling cider and cheesecake--she's a happy girl!

Our family with Eric.  He's heading to the MTC in just 3 days, so exciting.  And yes, he just might run into David Archuleta in the cafeteria...:)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Family Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas.  The kids got along, we had great food and fun conversations,  the kids opened up fun gifts.  It was wonderful.

A rare moment I had to capture. Natalie loves to cuddle, Cyrena doesn't but this time, it was Christmas after all, she indulged her.

Our neighbors set up luminaries to line the street.  The girls and David helped set them up earlier in the afternoon and then we all went out to help light them.  It made quite the runway for Santa. 

We had a scrumptious dinner of chicken a la king with caesar salad and a fruit salad.  We sang some Christmas carols, read the Christmas story, watched some short videos from the church website and had a great discussion.
The girls were happy to open and put on their Christmas pajamas.  But no one was happier than Natalie for her winter nightgown and slippers.  This girl will only wear nightgowns so I had to find something that would keep her somewhat warm.

We sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn and put out cookies for santa.

The girls were spoiled this year as usual.  They had a lot of little things to open so that's always fun.  I was most excited about the plasma cars.  We found Cyrena's used on craigslist and Natalie's new at a discount store for almost the same price as the craigslist one!  Woo-hoo!

David and I woke up first, then Anna.  We brought her in our bed and had some fun making spitting noises.
Then Natalie joined us (they knew they were not allowed to go into the living room)

Finally we couldn't stand it anymore so we woke up Cyrena, this girl could sleep forever.  We didn't start opening presents until about 9, it was great!

David and I usually don't exchange gifts but this year I decided I wanted to get him a few fun things--the guy never asks for anything!! So we ended up buying for each other.

David's favorite gift.  I bought $10 gift cards for all the places he likes to grab something while he's out driving around for work.  Subway, Chik-fil-a, Taco Bell, etc.  He usually takes a lunch but sometimes he's out all day and can't heat anything up or keep anything cool in his truck.

For Christmas I just needed some kitchen things; mixing bowls, measuring spoons, etc.  So that was great!  But David also got me a ticket to see Wicked with some girls in the ward--I'm excited!

Ready for church.  We couldn't think of a better way to spend Christmas than being with those of our faith, singing praises to Him, and letting the spirit into our hearts. 

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