Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snowbirds part 2

My sister left Sunday morning and then David's mom flew in that afternoon!  We were so happy to see her and spend the week with her.  David's stepdad, Ralph, stayed at his brother's house across the valley then came to our house toward the end of the week.  We had great fun trying out new stores, David and I had a temple date, we had a preschool field trip, and David and Ralph golfed.  We also just relaxed. A big reason they come here is for the sun so they made sure to get plenty of sun time!

We played at the park a few times of course!

Our farm/dairy field trip was so much fun!

Benjamin got a little fresh with Anna in the stroller...

No, I did not hold the chicken, neither did Natalie.  Grandma is the brave one. 

We persuaded grandpa Ralph to try out the wiggle car-awesome!

Miss Anna content as can be

One morning we played beauty parlor.  I had Barb dye my hair.  I have never done that before other than highlights when we got married!  However, I've acquired some white hairs from bearing children and I was tired of David sifting through my hair to tug them out.  So we went dark reddish brown and it hardly looks any different--but the white hairs are gone!  After that we had grandma trim Natalie's hair so all the straggles are gone.  She looks mighty cute and enjoyed the attention.

Come back grandma, we miss you!!


We tend to have most of our visitors come in the winter months.  They like to come escape the snow and dreary grayness of everyday life.  Our first set of visitors was Debbie's family.  They came down from Utah for a weekend.  We had a great time playing, laughing, shopping, and of course eating.  My beautiful, talented, amazing niece was nice enough to watch the kids so David and I could go on a date with my sister and her husband.  Thanks Elise!  It was great to be able to enjoy adult conversation without constantly placating the kids!

We pretty much had 2 days and we tried to make the most of it!  We packed a lunch and went to a park, went to the girl's soccer games, hung out at San Tan Mall, and had my brother-in-law's sister's family and my cousin Tara's family over for dinner.  SO fun!

 BIG news!  Cyrena finally learned how to pump on the swings.  This was a major development and we couldn't be more proud.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Great Grandpa Gerstner

February has flown by and been incredibly busy.  We got word early in the morning on February 7 that David's granddad had passed away.  Losing a grandparent is a very bittersweet experience.  We drove up to Salt Lake for the funeral and were able to see many family members we hadn't seen in quite awhile.  It was a sweet reunion even with my sick, sleep deprived kiddos. 

We will definitely miss great-grandpa, he was quite the character and we loved visiting him. We're comforted knowing that he has continued on, is pain free, and is making friends by the minute.  David's grandmother is a saint and such a sweet example to us of unconditional love. 

I didn't even notice while I was taking these pictures that grandpa's portrait is in the background, how fitting.

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