Monday, April 30, 2012


We were lucky enough to receive a butterfly habitat for Christmas so we were excited to get some baby caterpillars this spring and watch their amazing transformation.  And AMAZING it was.  I mostly did it for my preschoolers but really the whole family got involved and it was so much fun.  We ordered 5 caterpillars and all 5 made it through the entire life cycle.  When they came they were teeny-tiny.  We got to watch them munch and much and get really fat.  The rest you can see in the pictures:

 This is a picture of the caterpillar preparing to make the chrysallis.  It looked like this; I went in the kitchen and ate lunch; and when I was done it was in the chrysallis--crazy!

 Soon, more joined the chrysallis stage.

 Once they were all their chrysallis' we moved them to the butterfly habitat so they would be there when they hatched.  The girls loved pushing the stool over to check on them and it was so exciting when they started hatching! We fed them sugar water on fresh flowers and also fresh cut oranges.

I released 4 of them with my preschoolers but we had a late bloomer that hatched late.  I promised Cyrena she could release the last one.  She tried to get it on her finger but it was more interested in joining the real world!  We will definitely be doing this again.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunday afternoons


On Sunday afternoons Cyrena immediately changes out of her church clothes, Natalie stays in her dress, and Anna is somewhere in between. You can see our house is getting a bit empty since we are moving tomorrow!

Easter Sunday 2012

Easter Bunny and Carnival

We asked the Easter Bunny if he (is it a he??) would fill our baskets Friday night so we can focus on the true reason for celebrating Easter.  He/she kindly obliged and the kids had fun with that.  Following the Dean tradition, eggs and the baskets were hidden.  The kids found Anna's first then they needed help with theirs.   They had a great time and were very happy.  They got some new church books/pictures/puzzles, silicone ctr rings, socks, and coloring books.  There wasn't too much candy so we let them have as much as they wanted until it was gone!  By Sunday after church the baskets were packed back in the garage-awesome.  Anna was pretty darn excited when she opened up one of the eggs and skittles poured out--she hurried and shoved them in her mouth because she was afraid we'd take them!

Later Saturday afternoon we attended our annual stake carnival.  It was super fun for the kids, they loved it.  Natalie wanted to try everything, our little daredevil.  She even volunteered for the mini dunk tank--to be dunked!  
 This girl LOVES books!!

 Natalie is holding one of the puzzles we got her.  She yelled out "Look, it's Santa!!  To which we replied, "No, that's Father Lehi"

"Do I really need to unwrap these??"

 Running through the huge blow-up obstacle course

 When Natalie didn't die her first time through, Cyrena got enough courage to go through it.  Also, Cyrena actually went into a bounce house-she's on a roll!

 Anna got to pick a ducky from a pond

Natalie in the hamster ball

The Deans

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