Monday, May 28, 2012

And she walks!

 On May 10, Anna decided to take her first steps-FINALLY!  She still isn't walking full-time but she can go pretty far and turn on a dime!

Around the house part 2

The girls helped David clear out the grapefruit tree

The girls let me practice on them for my preschool pictures

See Cyrena's bandage?  On Mother's Day as she was going to bed she tripped and cut her eyebrow on the edge of her bed.  There was blood everywhere, it was crazy!  We contemplated stitches but decided it would probably heal alright without them.  It's much better now!

Around the house

Anna finally started standing on her own! She now gets up in the middle of the room and starts to dance then falls over. She's a crack-up. 

She's so proud and you can see those other 2 behind her; always, always dancing.  Pandora is on at our house a LOT.

She pushes this around ALL. DAY. LONG.  We have mostly tile downstairs so she goes all over the place no problem.

She discovered this perfect-sized cupboard in the kitchen.  I asked her to grind some wheat while she was in there.

 For about a week we set up our small tent in the living room and the kids had a lot of fun playing in there.  Cyrena and Natalie tried to sleep in there one night but they lasted about 30 minutes before they were too scared.

We bought a small pool to kick off the summer right.  I used this for preschool water day and then we've been using it a lot since.

Natalie loves to help mop--this is the entryway.  One day she was in trouble for something and all of a sudden I hear some grunting and sighing and realize she is mopping.  I think she was trying to get back into my good graces.

Natalie learned how to pump on the swings!  Cyrena just learned about 3 months ago...haha.  So now we only have to push Anna.

Mother's Day 2012

Mother's Day was an amazing day full of lots of love from my wonderful family. Cyrena was SO into it, the gifts just kept coming. David had them make adorable cards and he made some tasty food. My favorite part was the puppet show that Cyrena wrote for me. You can see the script below for her and David to follow. She wrote this while I was taking a LONG nap! 

Me and my beauties

The stage for the puppet show

The script

Cyrena Basketball Spring 2012

Cyrena just finished up her first season of basketball. She loved every minute of it. She was the youngest, smallest and most inexperienced on the team. The team was made up of kids in kindergarten-second grade but I think she was the only kindergartener.  There were some really talented kids on her team! It was fun to watch. Of course there were times I had to hide behind David so I could giggle freely.  Her coach was wonderful and gave her lots of chances to handle the ball.  She did make a couple baskets in the games and was quite proud of that!  She's not a natural athlete but she sure loves it!

One of the moms took the pictures so we didn't have to have those icky studio pictures.  You can see her work

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