Thursday, June 21, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Well Father's Day was quite exhausting!  David is a great help to me so giving him the day off was quite a sacrifice--hehe.  In primary we did a spotlight on dads which left me quite exhausted afterward.  Luckily David had requested shredded beef tacos so the slow cooker did most of the work.  I made homemade salsa the day before so I just had to cut up all the fixin's and make some rice and beans.  He also requested an ice cream cake.  This was my first attempt making one and it turned out well enough that I would make it again.
David enjoyed his day like I hoped he would.  We gave him some cards, treats, the kids filled out a fact sheet about their dad and we bought him some new clothes.  He is the kind of man that was born to be a father, he is so amazing with the kids (and me), we're very blessed to have him!

 We played Headbandz, a family favorite

 Anna didn't want to be left out, she's really into saying "sheez" for the camera right now

 I just made some ganache and went crazy with it all over the cake...even wrote 'dad' freehand, can you tell??? 

We all enjoyed it


My friend Ashley spoiled us at Christmas and gave us a Groupon for Jumpstreet-an indoor wall to wall trampoline playplace.  We met there last weekend with our Griggs cousins and Nanny who flew into town.  We had a great time, I highly recommend it!  They had areas for all ages and we could all be together as well-super fun.

 Cyrena hurt her foot on the trampoline.  She was actually hurt worse than I thought-she had to stay off it for a few days.

 The mechanical bull was so funny and HARD!  This is David mid-fall.  I promised not to put any videos on here.

Lynette was a good sport, she's a fun grandma!

Fairy Camp

Natalie completed a week long 'Fairy Camp' at a local ballet studio.  Ballet is something I've been considering for her for awhile now. She is always walking on her toes, twirling, and worships Angelina Ballerina.  I decided to give the camp a try before we committed to a whole season.  She LOVED it.  Now she is constantly muttering "full point, demi point..." We might be starting up ballet this Fall. 

Hello Summer

I feel like we've been so lazy this summer!  In a good way of course. Except I don't feel like I've gotten anything accomplished with decorating the house or next year's preschool classes.  But I have to remember that I am spending time with the kids and that is definitely accomplishing something!  We are loving our fairly calm days with lots of playing, summer movies, swimming lessons, and piano lessons.  We've also been working hard learning new chores and keeping up our school skills with a bit of learning time.  They are earning summer points from me for chores, school work, and other skills I want them to work on (like memorizing an article of faith,  tying shoes, and folding laundry, etc.)

We haven't really done any structured projects.  Every time I think we should, I hear my girls playing restaurant, wedding or some made up game and I feel like them using their imagination is more important than a guided project from me!  My amazing friend Torrie is a great example to me of letting her kids PLAY and CREATE instead of interfering to teach them how to play and create!! :)  So far we haven't had any 'I'm bored' days but if we do I'll be sure to have something fun for them to do.  Anna has started really joining in at playtime and it's funny to see all three of them laughing and playing.  

Daddy loves goldfish and Anna loves to share!
 Her current favorite dress-up item

 I know this will make my parents and Jessica laugh as much as David did....she is MY daughter!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Picking Peaches

A couple of weeks ago the Bluths came for one of our temple weekends. They come and sleep over and we take turns serving in the temple. 
Saturday after they got back from the temple we headed out to the peach orchards to do some picking. The weather was beautiful and the peaches were delicious!  Followed up by Chick-fil-A made it a perfect day!

Good-bye School

I can't believe another school year has flown by.  This was our first official 'having a child in school' year and it was fabulous.  We were completely spoiled by Cyrena's incredible teacher.  Her first school experience exceeded our expectations in every way.  She had a special kindergarten singing program and then we went back to her class for an awards ceremony and slideshow.  Cyrena did a great job singing in the program.  I held it together just fine until they sang a song called "Everything Grows"--the tears were threatening at that point.  I'm not ready for her to be done with kindergarten! 

Cyrena has grown up so much this year and as David and I watch her we can't help but feel so fortunate that she is ours.  She is so smart and very aware of those around her.  She has become super helpful and cheerful.  Now that she's been home for summer the last two weeks I told her I just might not let her go back!  But she insists that she must go on to first grade.  Cyrena was tested and found eligible for an Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) which will give her teacher some extra materials and tools to challenge her a bit more.  I'm anxious to see how it all works out.  She sure loves learning and received the "librarian' award in her class because of how much she loves to read!

Her amazing teacher, Mrs. Jones.  I'm crossing my fingers that she will continue teaching until Natalie gets to have her!

Cyrena also had a wonderful student teacher, Mrs. Sapp this year.

It was also the end of my preschool year!  This year I had 9 boys in my preschool and then my Natalie.  She was literally the belle of the ball and the boys loved her.  Preschool can be pretty stressful for me and I'm lucky to have an understanding family, especially David.  It can really take over the house.  Even though it's just 2 days a week I put a lot of thought and preparation into what we do.  I love it though, it gives me the focus I need and I also love teaching my own kids.  Next year will be Natalie's first official year in preschool since she now has 2 years until kindergarten.  She learned a lot this year though, I was proud of her. 

This is Natalie's favorite friend, Jonny.  His family lives just up the street but they are moving this month.  These 2 love to play together and are also in the same sunbeam class.  They are going to miss each other!

Here's me with my favorite student.  We had a fun program and some yummy refreshments and then I sent them off!  It's always a bittersweet feeling.

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