Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Natalie's in Preschool!

Well Natalie has officially begun preschool.  Yes she attended my class last year but now she's actually of age.  She's been so excited.  This year I'm teaching two preschool classes-a morning and an afternoon class.  So Natalie actually get double preschool. She loves it though and really enjoys having so many friends at her house.

I'm so lucky to be her teacher!

Oh my goodness, this girl can't get any cuter.  She's way too loveable.

Of course Anna has to join in the fun in the morning class.  Here she was really concentrating on putting pom-poms in the ice cube tray-a fine-motor activity.  She loves having all the kids come.

Preschool has been going so well, I'm happy about that.  I will do a post about the preschool room, since  it's really the only room I've decorated!

Silly girls

Oh to be a kid again, I long for those days.  It's a good thing I have kids around to remind me to just have fun!

One day I saw Anna like this.  Apparently she was having an important talk with Jesus on the phone.  She kept looking up at Him and chatting away.

Lately the girls have been running through the sprinklers. They don't bother with suits, they just take off in their clothes when the sprinklers come on!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cyrena's First Day of School Fall 2012

Cyrena's first day back to school was yesterday.  She took it all in stride.  She has plenty of old friends in her new class and I've encouraged her to make new ones too!  I've heard great things about her teacher this year so I am hopeful it will be a wonderful school year.  We didn't really need to buy any school clothes this year (she gets great hand-me-downs from her cousin!) but we did buy her a couple of new polo shirts.  No, her school doesn't have uniforms; this girl just loves polos.  She's funny.

 When Cyrena was getting ready for her school blessing Anna insisted on joining in.  She went and got the 2nd chair all by herself then sat by Cyrena and folded her arms.

 Before school

After school

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