Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fall Soccer

Earlier this month Cyrena finished up another season of soccer.  We switched leagues and she really flourished with less kids on the field.  It was fun to watch!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Anna is 2

How did we let Anna turn 2?  I can't believe it.  So much has happened since I found out I was pregnant with her.  We are so grateful to have her; we don't know what we'd do without her to entertain us!

She loves to play outside with Natalie.  They are almost always on the plasma cars.  And yes this was taken on her birthday-December 19!

 She and Natalie are the queens of costume changes--here they are a few minutes later.  Santa needs to bring more dress-up clothes!

 We took her to Costco for a hot dog for her birthday dinner!  We're so classy!

She loves their hot dogs and almost ate the whole thing.  And then we took her down some empty aisles so she could RUN!  It was the perfect 2 year-old birthday. :)

 I made her some strawberry 'Santa hat' cupcakes

 We relit the candles three times so she could blow them out again and again, she loved that part

She opened up a Cinderella baby doll, a Hello Kitty flashlight and some princess little people.  Of course Natalie tried to sneak them away but Anna held her ground!

*She bosses her sisters and the preschoolers around using 'mom' vocabulary.  Many times during preschool she calls the kids names for them to come. 
*Anna is somewhat of a picky eater.  Her favorite things are cheerios/corn chex, crackers, marshmallows, grapes, cheese, smoothies, hot dogs and orange juice
*She talks all the time but we understand about 75%.  I think she may have some speech impediments like Natalie that she'll grow out of.
*Anna loves Curious George!
*She likes to sing to her baby dolls, rock them and kiss them.
*She is 2 going on 12; she has to do everything her sisters are doing and MORE.
*She thinks she is a preschooler.  When they are working on a paper, she has to too.  And if I stack up the kids papers when they are done, hers has to be in the stack as well. 
*Anna loves princesses; Cindalella, Bale (Belle), etc.  She is Natalie's little shadow when it comes to all things girly; play makeup, dressing up, dancing, play kitchen, etc.
*She loves to make us laugh by dancing, tickling, making a goofy face, acting like a dog, or taking something from us and taking off on a dead run so we will chase her!
*Anna loves going to the nursery at church but almost always poops at least once and sometimes twice so she has to get taken out--her poor teachers, she is a very stinky baby!!
*Her favorite song right now is Jingle Bells
*Anna LOVES reading books with us!

We love our girl.  She was our easiest baby but now is our hardest toddler which I hear is typical of the third child.  However, she sleeps well, has many happy moments, cuddles with us and is easy to make smile!

Advent Activities 2012

We have had a blast with our advent activities this year.  The girls are at such fun ages and just love spending time together.  We will enjoy it as long as it lasts!

Here Natalie is helping me roll and cut out gingerbread men so we can decorate them for preschool and for ourselves!  This girl is always eager to join me in the kitchen.  As soon as she sees beaters or a mixer she runs for her apron and step stool.

After the gingerbread men were done baking we met up with the Spencer's at Bass Pro Shop to play and visit with Santa! They have a ton of fun things for the kids to do-like the carousel above.

Rifle practice

And a talking reindeer!  They also have an indoor snowball pit, remote control trucks and a crossbow range-super fun!

This Santa was so nice-even with being so overworked!  That beard is real! He was so sweet and talked to each of our girls.  He told Anna to keep being 'precious'

 Another night we headed to our local outdoor mall for some festive activities

 They have these machines that simulate snowfall--it was so fun, the girls loved it!  It was quite the storm.

 "snow" in our hair

 These girls were pretending the ladybug was a reindeer that they were flying through the storm.  I love to see their imagination in action

 We listened to storytime with Mrs. Claus, here they are waiting for it to begin.  She told the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' and it was adorable!  She also told us her husband's favorite cookie was chocolate chip!

Natalie was in awe of Mrs. Claus.  She just kept staring at her. The magic of Christmas has definitely enveloped Natalie this season-it is fun to witness

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nutcracker Ballet

The first weekend in December we had cousin Claire come to a sleepover!  The girls stayed up SO late talking and playing.  The next day we went to Cyrena's soccer game, played at the park then all the girls (except Anna) went to the Nutcracker Ballet! 

At the ballet--waiting and waiting for it to start!

Here are the 2 younger girls with our favorite ballerina and friend, Robyn.  We had a great time.

Thanksgiving 2012

We had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  Aunt Emily and Uncle Jason came for a fun visit!

Cyrena in her feast attire

 Drawing/coloring time with Uncle Jason

 Anna tasting the whipped cream

 Our friends; the Spencers and the Campbells came to join in the feast

 Emily and Jason Viramontes

 After dinner football practice


 We took Emily and Jason to see the Mesa Temple Christmas lights on Friday

 Our Family

 The 3 wisemen are my favorite light display!

OCC 2012

In Mid-November we completed our annual shoebox filling for Operation Christmas Child.  We filled 3 shoeboxes; 2 for 2-4 year old girls and 1 for a 6-8 year old boy.  The girls had a lot of fun picking gifts out and filling the boxes as usual.  Each year their understanding grows about what they are doing and who they are helping.  We love doing this with them.

All the loot!

The girls are posing outside the drop-off location--adorable.  They love dropping off the boxes and getting a sticker or balloon.

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