Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sister poses

One of my favorite things is watching my girls be SISTERS.  I didn't grow up with a sister close in age-only brothers.  I loved and admired my brothers but we didn't always get along and I certainly wouldn't have been allowed to just lay on them while we watched Curious George or listened to music.  I would have been thrown off/punched/kicked immediately.  There's plenty of throwing off/punching/kicking that goes on with my girls but for the most part they genuinely love spending time together and are very affectionate.  

This is a common pose I find Anna in.  She loves to just go and lay on her sisters.  She also loves to climb on all of our backs for horsey rides during family prayer. 

Watching Curious George

Listening to a Pandora Disney station

Christmas 2012

    Christmas was super fun of course.  It was just our little family and we had a lot of fun together.  Of course it was a little hard to do anything too structured with a crazy 2 year old. On Christmas Eve
  we had a yummy dinner, ice cream sundaes for dessert, piano playing and carol singing, scripture reading, dancing, and lots more! 

Here is the Santa setup Christmas morning.  Left to right: Anna, Natalie, and Cyrena

Waiting at the top of the stairs....I made them each a pair of pajama bottoms for Christmas.  They weren't perfect but they were sure cute!

Loving our new dress-ups!

They really wanted 'wedding clothes' since they are always pretending to get married.
This girl was content with just her stocking.  Fishies and a necklace; she was good to go!

We surprised Cyrena with an ipod touch (we found it used for really cheap).  She was so excited!

She also got her own set of golf clubs so she could take some lessons from David.  He's a good multi-tasker, eh?

Natalie's favorite gift was a hair-styling set.  We've all had our hair done several times.

It was such a fun day hanging out together, playing.  We headed over to the Blounts (our surrogate family) for dinner that night.

Cyrena is 7

Cyrena is now a 7 year old.  I've probably been treating her as such for the past year or so.  My expectations are always so high for her--I need to back off! :)  Her birthday was the last day of school before break so they had a party and a half day. She wasn't that excited about her gifts at first.  In fact when she opened up a dress and a sweater she about threw a toddler worthy FIT.  Needless to say we had a big talk about gratitude.  But the birthday was saved by the Nerf Hoop with a laser ball and headgear.  It was a hit.  Oh, that and a book of magic tricks.  

That night we surprised her with a night out with just mom and dad--going to dinner and a concert.  The concert was The Piano Guys who she LOVES listening to and watching their you tube videos!!  It was a great night and she was very happy with her birthday.

-She is such a helpful little girl.  I know that if I put her in charge of something it will get done.  That doesn't mean she always has a good attitude about it but for the most part she is a happy helper.
-Cyrena loves loves loves school. 
-Cyrena can always make us laugh with her black & white logic and big explanations about how things work or why we should do something a certain way.
-She insists on prefers wearing a ponytail, jeans and sneakers everyday.
-Cyrena sleeps with socks on and the covers up to her chin.  She refuses to wear a nightgown.
-Cyrena is the dessert queen!  It is a struggle to get her to eat fruit but she will eat veggies.  Her favorite things to eat are: pot roast, potatoes, cereal, anything chocolate, anything Mexican, broccoli, and ice cream!
-Cyrena loves trying different sports and is doing so well with her piano lessons
-Cyrena is a great big sister and is always making up games and imaginative situations for her sisters.

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