Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evan is 1 month old!

Well we've made it a month and couldn't be happier.  It seems like longer than a month though!  Evan is such a cutie. He is still sleeping all the time.  I wake him every 3 hours to eat, day and night.  It can be tough for me to wake up to my alarm instead of a crying baby.  He is so good though and just goes right back to sleep after eating so that I can too!  He is quite a grunter and makes lots of noises while he is sleeping. 

 He hardly cries.  we've heard him cry hard a few times when he's hurt-like when I cut his thumb while cutting his nails :(-or when he has some gas.  He is easily soothed though. We'll just enjoy this easy stage as long as possible because he's sure to get and share an opinion soon!

Evan is a projectile pooper.  I don't remember the girls doing this.  A few times when I've changed him he has pooped so forcefully that is has splattered on my pants and shirt!  And he's gotten my hand several times as well while I'm wiping him.  And of course we've had a few firehose incidents.  Such a boy.
We still don't have a social smile yet but it's coming soon, I can feel it!

 Asleep during bathtime

 We took Evan just to sacrament meeting last Sunday then David took him home.  This is how I found them after church

Favorite things about Evan:

Mom: His chubby cheeks, kissable lips, and sleepy faces
Dad: His grunting noises
Cyrena: His chubby cheeks
Natalie: How cute he is when his eyes are open (the other day she said "Evan is just so cute I can't even close my eyes from him!!")
Anna: His ears, eyes, and mouth, basically anything that can be poked.  She also enjoys his diaper changes.  She is constantly saying "He lookin' at me!"

Easter 2013

I felt like I couldn't concentrate on Easter this year as well as I would have liked.  Personally I was able to reflect a lot and ponder the amazing gift of the atonement. However I felt like I could have done a better job discussing and preparing my kids.  What can I say, I was sleep deprived and stressed!  David and I picked some bible videos for them to watch so he did that and talked with them about them. We did our best and that was good enough.

 Anna loved dyeing the eggs, she kept plopping them back in to get them more and more colorful.  She had purple hands for a few days.
Cyrena's basket was hidden in the hutch, Anna's was in the downstairs bathtub, and Natalie's was in the blanket basket
 The whole family got new flip flops--David's are in the background. :)

 The girls were most excited about the small bags of chips...

 and the juice boxes! Two treats we don't get very often

 Thanks to David, Grandma Lemmert and the dresses Grandma Taylor bought, the girls looked beautiful for Easter Sunday

Evan is 4 weeks

The main event this week was the circumcision!  David and I both had anxiety about it but the Dr. kept telling us that Evan would thank us one day!  It ended up not being a big deal and Evan actually slept through the whole thing.  Over and done!  Evan weighed 5 lbs 9 oz at his appointment.

 They just have to touch their brother. They know they are allowed to touch his toes and his head; that's all for now.

 Watching General Conference with Grandma Lemmert

 A sleepy smile

 Getting chubby!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Evan's Third Week

Evan began taking his bottle really well again.  He wasn't needing to be fed through his tube hardly at all.  His weight picked up and he was doing really well regulating his body temperature.  There started to be rumors going around that the "you know what" could be happening soon (discharge!).  One of the nurses said they're not allowed to actually say it so sometimes they refer to it as "the pizza party!"  So funny.  I was getting excited but trying not to show it too much.  On Friday they took his feeding tube out!

By Saturday it was officially confirmed that he would be discharged the following day-Easter Sunday.  So we quickly got his hearing and car seat tests done and had the last few checks by the neonatologists.  It was so bittersweet to know we would be bringing him home but we would also miss the wonderful nurses and doctors that took care of him. His final weight in the hospital Saturday night was 4 lbs 10 oz. 

I made sure I was there early on Sunday just in case there were any last minute things that needed to be done before we could take Evan home. David met up with me after church and soon after we loaded everything up.  We had to use a cart to get everything out to the car!  It was strange to think we would no longer be allowed to have access to the NICU, it felt like we should still be taking care of things there.  In fact it took both of us a couple of days to cut off our bracelets.  

To celebrate coming home he wore this adorable preemie outfit from cousin Tara.

Evan seemed SO little in his car seat.  I had to ride next to him on the way home just to reassure myself he could breathe.  The girls were very excited to welcome us home.  They immediately wanted to hold him so we took turns.  We also showed him his Easter basket which included a book, stuffed monkey, and pacifiers.  By the end of the evening I was so exhausted I could hardly see straight.  I think the last month had finally caught up to me.  

Evan is still a very sleepy baby and will be for a few weeks yet.  I have to set my alarm to make sure he eats every 3 hours around the clock.  It is very hard to drag myself out of bed when all is quiet!  I have started pumping while I am feeding him his bottle.  This cuts down on my time awake at night. 

Monday morning I awoke to find out that Anna and Natalie both had the stomach flu.  Luckily Grandma Barb was there to help David get things cleaned up and then she had to continue to clean up after David headed to work.  I felt so bad but I had to protect Evan and keep him quarantined in my room.  It was awful.  The girls were so sick.  After lunch David came home because he had the flu also.  What a day!  And then of course, by that evening I was having symptoms and by the next day I was sick as well.  I didn't have it as badly as everyone else but it was still painful and exhausting, especially since I wasn't getting that much sleep anyway.  David and I had to take Evan to the doctor on Tuesday and I could barely make it through that.  His weight that day was 5 lbs even.  The doctor was pleased to see such a healthy preemie.  He had been prepped by the neonatologist about Evan's birth and treatment.  All was well there and he said to just keep doing what we're doing.  

By Wednesday we were all feeling mostly better but then Grandma came down with it.  It was her turn!  We all felt so bad!

 You can see he is starting to get a little chubby in the face!

It seems strange that Evan is only 3 weeks old.  There has been so much going on!  It feels like this whole ordeal has been going on a lot longer than a month.  What a month March was--I can't wait to see what April brings!  I'm hoping for lots of time on the couch snuggling my newborn. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Evan's Second Week

Week 2
Evan is now at 33 weeks gestational age. They have been upping his feedings since he seems to be digesting my milk well. However, on Thursday he started having a hard time drinking his bottles. They say its not uncommon for a preemie to be gung-ho for a few days and then be too tired and not want to eat.  So they've been using his tube again for part of his feedings.  I know he just needs to continue to sleep and grow so he will have more energy to drink his bottles; but it's hard to be patient at times.  He will max out at about 38 ml per feeding while in the NICU until he grows a bit more. And he's almost there.  However he has been spitting up more. Pretty much every preemie has reflux so they think that's all it is.  The feeding tube keeps his stomach open a little so it's easy for food to come back up.

Evan got his PICC line out since he is taking more food and digesting well.  That means he gets to wear clothes!  He looks adorable.

My emotions have stabilized a little but I definitely have my moments!  I definitely feel like the mother bear missing her cub.  It's so hard to leave him here but I have to take care of my other cubs too!  It's so interesting the bond I have with Evan; I could literally sit and hold him all day.  I'm lucky in that regard that holding him is the most important thing I can do for him right now.  I love it.


Aunt Tammy and cousin Coby came on Thursday to visit and help out.  The girls had so much fun with them and Tammy helped out a bunch with laundry, yard work, poopy diapers, and entertaining the kids!  They left Tuesday and Grandma Barb flew in that same day.  We are very lucky that we have so many people willing to help us out!

On Monday Evan seemed better and stopped spitting up.  He is eating about 2/3 of his feedings from a bottle and the rest through the feeding tube.  He is very awake and alert for about 10 minutes during each feeding but just poops out toward the end,  He just needs to gain more endurance.  He also graduated to a bassinet!  His temperature has stayed regulated so he doesn't need the isolette anymore.  Yay!  It's making discharge seem that much closer,  So pretty much as soon as he is taking all his feedings through the bottle he can come home!  I gave Evan a bath today.  He still has his cord stump so just a sponge bath in a tupperware!  He really liked it. He is seeming more and more like a full term newborn.  He is rooting for food now and even tried to latch on to David while laying on his chest!


By Wednesday Evan weighed 4 lbs 5 oz. 

 Those are preemie diapers and they're still big!

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