Monday, May 13, 2013

Evan 6-8 weeks

I am definitely enjoying this newborn stage as much as I can.  Evan is most likely our last child so I am soaking up every minute of his sweet cuddliness.  He is starting to cry more but it's mostly when I'm trying to let him go to sleep in his cradle.  As soon as he is picked up his crying stops.  It's almost hard to put him down because he's so sweet and cuddly. He does eventually sleep in his cradle but just needs some soothing first.  Evan is very calm and content and falls asleep easily the majority of the time. 

Evan went from pooping every feeding to pooping every 4-5 days.  Our other kids never did that!  He had his first blowout last week; hopefully he won't follow in Natalie's footsteps in that department.  He is starting to give me a few smiles here and there, usually in reaction to kisses.  He is absolutely adorable and I am loving every minute with him. 

At his 6 week appointment Evan weighed 7 lbs 15 oz!  I am so glad he is healthy and gaining weight; our little miracle baby.


Last month Cyrena had her first piano recital.  She was a little nervous but mostly excited.  She worked hard learning and memorizing 2 songs.  She is so fun to watch while she's playing.  She sucks in her cheeks and concentrates very hard.  

Cousin Claire got to spend the night with us and be there for the recital!

Cyrena played so well and received so many compliments.  She has a great teacher; my good friend Traci.  She has been playing about a year and loves it. 

Cyrena has lost 3 teeth in the past week.  They weren't necessarily ready to come out but she was bored going to sleep so she wiggles and twists her loose teeth.  It makes me nauseous just thinking about it!  The first night she lost one the tooth fairy totally dropped the ball and did not arrive before she woke up.  A discussion ensued about whether the tooth fairy was real and there was major drama.  Eventually it all worked out and she was happy with the results.  We did not make that mistake again. 

Cyrena reads at least one chapter book a day.  I'm so happy that she loves to read.  She still loves school but I'm looking forward to having her home this summer.  Cyrena is growing up so fast, I want time to slow down.  She is still very helpful with the kids but also has her whining and sensitive moments.  Cyrena is like me and thrives on routine.  Every day after school the first thing she does is clean out her lunchbox then practice piano, read, do her homework then she's allowed to either play computer or watch a show or play with a friend. If these routines get disrupted she is not a happy camper!

Cyrena's class put on a Mother's Day soda sippin' party.  The moms got to come have root beer floats served to them and we watched a little Mother's Day video they made about their moms.  It was so much fun and Cyrena was so happy.  It wasn't an easy thing for me to go to the school since I had to get a sitter for the 2 girls and I had to make sure Evan was fed and happy.  It was stressful for me but it made it all worth it to see her adorable smiling face when I walked in.  

She asked me to wear a blue shirt and denim capris so she and I would match!!

Anna- 28 months

Anna is a monster!  Sometimes a scary monster, sometimes a silly monster. :)  Many times we call her "Angry Anna"  She can be a lot of fun but also a pain in the rear.  I really enjoy watching a toddler discover the world.  It is fascinating watching them figure out how things work and see what they're willing to experiment with.

Trying to climb everything because her sisters do

unloading the silverware

 She is fighting naps and bedtime because she wants to be in charge of her life!  Don't worry, we're still in charge. She definitely tests us more than the older girls did at this age.  She is quick to say no and throw a fit.  But when she gives you that heart stopping grin it is so hard to stay mad at her. 

Anna is talking more and more, I love it!  My favorite thing she says to Evan is "you all done uh milk (pronounced molk)?"  It's adorable and then she says "you want more (pronounced mohwuh)?"  I pump while I feed Evan so sometimes I watch a show on my ipad to pass the time.  Anna is used to this so sometimes she'll get the ipad for me, prop it up against the diaper basket on my bed, turn it on, open up Netflix and start a show for me!  It cracks me up. 

note the ipad and diaper basket behind that strawberry face
Anna is a fun little sister except for when she bites her sisters or pulls their hair!  But she admires them and wants to do everything they do.  When Natalie does ballet or gymnastics, Anna has to as well.  And she HAS to get a hug and kiss from Cyrena before Cyrena leaves for school on the bus.  

Now on to the adventure/chore of transitioning to a bed and potty training!

Natalie 4.5

 Miss Natalie turned 4.5.  She still cracks us up all day.  She is our most loving and cuddly girl.  She laughs easily and has a lot of enthusiasm for everyday life.  She is also quick to whine and cry (they all are actually!)

For her half birthday she had a fun playdate with friends and then we went to Chik-fil-A for dinner.  They happened to be giving out free sundaes that night so that was exciting for the kids.

Natalie has turned into a major monkey at the park.  She can do the monkey bars over and over again and is constantly hanging upside down.  She also enjoys climbing the trees at the park.  I'm surprised we haven't had any injuries yet.  They could be coming!  She has also learned how to do a cartwheel all by herself and is constantly cartwheeling, flipping, and tumbling.  When she's not doing that she is practicing her ballet moves (particularly sashaying).  Natalie is in constant motion. 

Doing her 'tricks'

Natalie prides herself on her long prayers. I love to listen to her pray.  A lot of it is about President Monson and general conference.  And then she throws in a lot about the Savior and the gospel.  It's adorable but lasts forever until we finally have to get her to wrap it up. 

Natalie has always been very independent; many times preferring to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.  Last week I was feeding Evan around 6:30 a.m. and David was leaving for work.  He went downstairs then came back up to tell me that Natalie was dressed and downstairs eating cereal.  She had also already made her bed.  SO funny, she's a crackup.  She has done that a few times now.  

This is in my bathroom so I can watch her performances from the rocking chair where I feed Evan.
Sometimes I watch old episodes of The Office while I pump and feed Evan.  Remember in the 1st and 2nd season Dwight was always saying "Question.."?  Well the other night we headed to Gardenridge to check out chairs for our bar area.  We found some great deals in the damaged/discounted area.  So we take it all out to see what will fit in the van and what we're going to have to come back for.  As David and I are juggling and fitting things in, Natalie says " are we going to fit Evan in here with all that stuff?"  David and I cracked up.  I swear she doesn't watch it with me but she must hear it as she puts on her ballet recitals for me while I pump and feed.  She's a funny gal.

She goes 'gaga' over Evan quite literally, it's hilarious

Sunday, May 12, 2013

New neighbors

We are lucky in the fact that we have grandparents moving close by!  We've been alone
  in Arizona for over 8 years so it will be wonderful to have some family here.  Grandma and Grandpa spent some time here in April to help out with Baby Evan and also get their house ready to move into this summer.  While they were here Aunt Emily and Uncle Jason came and visited and then Aunt Julianne and her kids visited as well.  We had so much fun seeing everyone!

 Julianne meeting Evan

 David entertaining the kids

Ariadne, Ian, Natalie Anna, Cyrena and Phaedra

 We had a picnic dinner at the park one evening

Swimming at Grandma's!

Evan sleeping poolside

The Deans

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