Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Evan is 3 Months Old

Evan is an adorable little 3 month old.  He gives us full-blown grins and half cackles now.  And we are EATING. IT. UP.  Or as David would say "He's finally getting cute"  I had to disagree since I think he's always been cute but Dads seem to need babies to make obvious responses to them.  

Evan is gaining weight nicely.  I took him in for a weight check and he weighs 12 lbs 3 oz (20th percentile). He is sleeping about a 9 hour stretch at night but still wakes up for a cuddle a couple times during that time.  He doesn't want to eat, just wants to cuddle for a minute--not sure what that's about!  He only eats around five 4 oz bottles each day.  I think he needs more but he just doesn't enjoy eating, it's a chore just to get that much down him.  He still throws up about once a day--like a fountain.  Right now Evan still takes 4 naps a day of about 2 hours each.  He can only stay awake for about 60 minutes--he's still very sleepy.
Evan is most smiley right when he wakes up

He likes to look at lights

The girls LOVE making him smile

I am pretty much in love with this picture

He loves his friends in the swing mobile

My attempt at getting a picture with me and Evan.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Good-bye First Grade

It was time to say good-bye to Cyrena's first grade year. She had a wonderful year and seemed to mature quite a bit.  I had major guilt this school year with being pregnant and working around 20 hours a week with prepping and teaching 2 preschool classes.  I did try to get in her classroom a few times but of course I would have liked to do more. 

 She had a wonderful teacher who was very supportive and sweet with her, especially with all that was going on before and after Evan's birth.  

At her class awards ceremony Cyrena received 5 certificates!  She was ecstatic.  Her teacher handed out awards in groups so most of the kids got at least 3, it was cute.  Cyrena's awards were:

-"Word Whiz" award for knowing over 600 high frequency words

-Outstanding classroom behavior award (along with 6 or 7 sweet friends)

-'Bookworm' award for reading 242 books throughout the school year (the most in the class!)  I guess signing her reading log every night was worth her getting this award. :)  David's comment was that he hasn't read that many books in his entire life!

-Excellence in Reading for reading above her grade level all year.  

-Outstanding achievement in Math

She will miss the routine and rigor of school but I am glad to have her home for the summer!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Evan is 2 months

 Evan is really almost 3 months now- this is a little late but that's ok!

 Evan's hair has started to recede a bit, revealing his large forehead (or 'fivehead' my brother would say).  He is still very sleepy and just giving me about a 4 hour stretch at night.  There are still no full on grins but definitely the beginnings of them.  He still has spit-up gushers about once or twice a day.  I think he won't sleep more at night until that gets a little better.  He loves bath time; the running water makes him sleepy.  He is mostly only awake as long as it takes to feed and change his diaper, any longer than that and he gets cranky.  However, he is so easily soothed, it's amazing. We love our little Evan.

Here are his 2 month stats:
Weight: 10 lbs 1 oz
Height: 21 1/4 inches

Mother's Day

There wasn't one picture with all of us looking our best, but here we are and I know I'm blessed!

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