Friday, July 19, 2013

Evan is 4 months old

I don't think we can love this little guy any more than we already do.  He is such a bright spot in our everyday lives.  He is so happy, rarely cries and is sleeping around 11 hours at night--what a champ!

I love this serious face-I eat it up, literally

He still throws up every couple of days but it is a lot better.  I just started feeding him 4 times a day--he doesn't really care to eat so I have to force feed him.  At least I don't worry too much because he's so chubby. He is still a once-a-week pooper but I know that will change once we start solids in a couple months!

Evan loves his swing.  He takes his late afternoon/evening nap there.  The girls like to load him up while he's swinging.  Then David and I say "Merry Christmas Evan!"

He's our first baby to handle tummy time relatively well.  He's getting strong.

4 Month Stats:
Weight: 13 lbs 11 oz (25th%)
Height: 23 in. (3rd%)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Please don't go!

Oops, out of order.  This is from June. Oh well!  

"PLEASE DON'T GO" is what I wanted to say to my sister and niece while they were here visiting.  They were here for a week and it was really hard to see them leave! We always have a lot of fun with a lot of laughter. 

Elise teaching the girls yoga poses.  Anna really got into it, especially the 'namaste' part

My beautiful sister!

For FHE while they were here we acted out the pageant script in The Friend (June issue I believe?) about Ammon.  It was super fun.  Cyrena got really into and created some props and we all had parts. 

We celebrated Anna's half birthday by going to the splashpad, making our favorite cookies, and a round of Headbandz!

For Cyrena's half birthday we went to opening day of Monsters University.  She was very happy.  I love pleasing that girl, she is always so grateful.

Evan is Blessed

During the holiday weekend we decided to bless Evan.  He looked adorable and was our first baby to be silent during the entire blessing.  I figured he would be, this guy hardly makes a peep.  I want to record here David's recap of the blessing and his feelings about it:

Evan's Blessing

Was blessed that he would learn of his miraculous birth and know that
he has a purpose for being here; that he is a son of God.

Was blessed that he would have a great testimony of the Savior and
that he would share that with others.  Also, that he would learn how
the Holy Ghost works; to listen and be guided in his life.

Was blessed that he would be a light and example to his family and friends.

Was blessed that he would know of his family's love for him.

I felt even earlier in the day that I would be emotional as I thought
about how I would bless our precious boy. I could feel of his sweet
spirit and know that he has a great purpose in this life.  My emotions
were obviously made manifest during the blessing.

Baby you're a firework!

We had a lovely 4th of July spent in the pool with family and food!  We are grateful for grandparents living close by and the chance to see family more often.

Evan's first time swimming--he was a fan. It just felt like bathwater

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer photo dump

Since I am falling behind on my blogging I decided to dump all our random summer pictures in one post! You'll see in the pictures that our hair isn't always combed. We haven't accomplished as much as I would have liked but we've kept busy and enjoyed time together.  And in the end, that's what really counts!

Garden creations

This girl has learned to pose!

David and I completed this magnetic chalkboard project for our family room.  We created it to use for FHE but the kids have had oodles of fun with the colored chalk.

We've tried to do some official summer school but haven't been as consistent as we should be.  We hit it a couple times a week.  Here Cyrena is completing some story problems

I would tell Natalie "draw 3 birds" or 'draw 5 flowers"

Anna showing me some love across the table.  This is how she looks going in for a kiss

Anna is putting marbles into an ice cube tray.  She did this over and over again

Natalie is using pattern blocks to make pictures

Cyrena and I played "roll a hundred"

The girls (Cyrena in the lead) go through different imaginative phases.  A few weeks ago they were all pirates and now they are playing knights.  So the chalkboard got this roster on it.  At first Anna's said 'evil servant Anna' and I was worried that I was going to be added later as the 'evil witch' but luckily after a few days I got to be "good Queen Jenna"  However, I forgot to get a picture of that one.

For our nightly family scripture study we've been going through the old gospel art kit.  I had noticed Natalie wasn't listening to our regular scripture study and she seems to be able to understand and remember much more studying one picture/story at a time.  So after we talk about them we put them on our board and once we get 4 or 5 up there we have a little review game.  The kids seem to really like it (and I do too!)

Cyrena has also been very into signs lately.  I'm so sad I have not taken pictures of all of them because boy are they hilarious!  She did one for a jail they made, and one to protect the robot she made. The picture above is a recent one--her "kids club" complete with labeled cubbies and everything.  Kids younger than 7 are participants and kids older than 7 are the teachers.  I love that is closed on Sundays, just like chik-fil-a (I'm pretty sure that's where that came from).

One lovely, messy, fun play-doh afternoon the girls made me this birthday cake and sang to me.  It wasn't my birthday but I was touched all the same.  I loved it.

This summer there have been many proud Lego moments

David left for a week for scout camp  in June.  We all survived!  The last night I let these 2 goons sleep in my bed.  You would have thought they had died and gone to heaven, they were SO excited.  They could hardly sleep but finally konked out around 10.  We were very happy to get our dirty smelly Daddy back the next night!  I wish I'd snapped a picture of his beard!

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