Thursday, December 19, 2013

Secind Grade Christmas Program

Cyrena lives for performances and special activities at school.  She was so excited for this Christmas Program.  She did a great job but was a bit shy during the dancing parts! :)

 The two little girls sat on the floor during the program with some friends from the ward.

 She played the xylophone so well!

Evan loved all the music

Advent Activities

We always look forward to the Christmas season and our fun advent activities.  Of course I haven't been able to record them all but here are some:

We went with Grandma to see the Nutcracker that Natalie's ballet group puts on.  She is still too young to be in the performance but we enjoy seeing friends from the ward in it.  This year our friend Laura got to be Clara and the girls were so excited!

 Cyrena's best friend Robyn performed also-so fun!
(Ok so Cyrena got that shark tooth from a book she bought and she is so attached to that thing-wears it everywhere!)

 We visited with Mrs. Claus again.  She amazed us with some magic tricks and a fun story!

 I think Evan wanted to grab her glasses

 We also took a horse carriage ride around the mall and afterward the horse decided it was time to go to the bathroom and Anna almost got splashed!

 We mailed our letters to Santa at Macy's

 I got a new gingerbread kit this year that had several little houses that made up a village.  So everyone was able to do their own.  

Our usual Bass Pro shop fun with Santa-He is always so sweet.

We made some fun ornaments!

Thanksgiving 2013

Ahh, the holidays!  We always look forward to a yummy Thanksgiving feast surrounded by loved ones.

 I asked Cyrena to create a beautiful sign.  She pulled through-it was awesome!

 There was a fun football game in the backyard.  The girls were so into it and so funny!

 The beautiful bird roasted by Grandma and Grandpa

 A day to be very thankful!!

OCC and Movember

For the month of November David grew a mustache to raise awareness for Male Cancers.  It came in nice and thick and I didn't like it!  The girls didn't either. Cyrena and I vowed we wouldn't kiss him on the lips til it was shaved. Regardless, David loved it and all the attention it brought.  He was called Tom Selleck on occasion...only blonde and minus the dimples?

We also filled our shoebox for Operation Christmas Child like we do every year.  Usually we do a few but the budget was a little tighter this year.  We just found out it was mailed to Mongolia!

I couldn't get a picture with everyone looking.

Evan is 8 months

(ok he's actually 9 months now but I need to catch up!)

Halloween 2013

This year we went with a medieval theme that worked perfectly for the entire family.  We had a knight, a princess, a court jester, and a dragon!

All tuckered out

Natalie is 5

Yes it's official, she's not really a 'preschooler' anymore.  We have another 5 year old in the house and she couldn't be cuter. :)

Natalie has that special Halloween birthday.  So she got to have the preschool Halloween party on her birthday which was pretty fun for her!

 Grandma and Grandpa took Natalie to lunch for her special day.  Chik-fil-a of course!!

 She blew out candles on her Halloween cupcake

 She got some awesome ponies from Grandma and Grandpa Lemmert.  Here she is showing them off to Cyrena.  

 We had biscuits and gravy for dinner so she helped me make the biscuits.  This girls loves to help in the kitchen.

 During a break from trick or treating we opened presents.  She got some more princess Legos, puzzles and The Little Mermaid on DVD.  She was thrilled.

The next day she had a mega playdate with her best friend Gracie.  I think her birthday was a success!

 The BIG gift Natalie wanted for her birthday was piercing her ears.  So a couple of weeks after her birthday we finally had time to do it.  It was quick and easy and she couldn't be happier.

About Natalie:
-She really loves her toes and fingers painted.  
-She loves to look in the mirror and brush her hair
-Natalie is quick to give a complement and tell us how much she loves us.
-She loves doing arts and crafts
-She is a My Little Pony fanatic and has most of the episodes memorized!
-Natalie has found a new article of clothing to love-JEGGINGS
-Her snack of choice is "a whole apple"
-Natalie loves to giggle, cuddle and is very affectionate

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