Friday, February 28, 2014

Cyrena is 8!

I have to say, it's quite fun watching your kids grow up.  I love seeing what they learn and discover.  I love to see their testimony and understanding of the gospel grow.  I love to see them act more and more responsibly.  I love to see them take care of their siblings.  Heart melters, all of them!

Cyrena turned 8 in December and I have to say all the celebrations were a blast.  This year was a party year and she requested My Little Pony for a theme.  If Cyrena was going to let me do a girly theme, I was going to run with it!  Of course we didn't go ALL out girly, but we did have fun planning.  I believe very strongly in having the kids plan the activities, treats, etc.  It's THEIR party.  So Cyrena, David and I were a team on this. 

 I made the invites in about 30 minutes.  Under the paper strip was the details of time/place.  Very SIMPLE and she loved it.  Her favorite part was the 8 of course.

She requested a large number 8 for her cake.  So we just made a bundt cake, David frosted it blue with rainbow sprinkles.  It kind of looked like a large donut, perfect for Cyrena.

The kids had rainbow pancakes (David is a master!) and fruit kabobs

After they ate, we fitted them with their pony masks.  I downloaded them off Etsy (moms let me know ahead of time which pony their daughter wanted to be).  They also each had some colored hair clips to make their 'mane' colorful.

 After everyone ate they took turns getting their 'hoofs' painted in rainbow colors.  We called in reinforcements and grandma saved the day!

 And then they went outside to do a fun 'applejack' bean bag toss. 

David was very serious as he took scores to determine a bean bag toss champion!

 happy happy day!

 The crowd-we kept it small this year.  These are girls she really enjoys spending time with.

 We face painted each pony's cutie mark.  This girl was Rainbow Dash but each pony was represented!

 I made up a semi-dangerous game.  I made unicorn horns and stuck a pin in the tip.  Then we blew up a million balloons.  I had 2 girls wear the horns.  The other girls threw balloons in the air and the 'ponies' pranced around trying to pop them with their magic horns! (Twilight sparkle uses her horn to do magic) This was definitely the highlight of the party.  I couldn't believe how much they loved it.  It took them a bit to get the hang of it, definitely harder for the younger kids. But once they caught on there was no stopping them!  So the only problem was the horn fell off once and the pin scraped a girl's neck. But other than that we were just fine.

I had a huge bucket of rainbow skittles and I had all the girls guess how many were in there.  The closest number won the whole container. Morgan got it!

 We had to laugh at Natalie's guess.  LOVE that girl

 Then came cake and ice cream.  When they finished we made pony bottlecap necklaces.  They made the pony that they were 'representing' that day. Again, I downloaded the images from Etsy and bought all the other supplies from Hobby Lobby.  They turned out SO awesome and the girls loved them.

 Cyrena and her best friend Robyn.

 She received lots of fun My Little Pony items and things for her rainbow loom (which she received from Grandma and Grandpa Lemmert-super exciting)

And she got a magic set from us, some books and an origami book with paper.

A great birthday for pretty great 8 year old.  We love our Cyrena girl

About Cyrena:
-Cyrena is super clever and can figure things out pretty quickly.  She figured out David's passcode to his phone and was so proud

-She loves school and all that comes with it.  Homework, recess, and especially reading and History.  Many times she comes home from school and does an extra project that relates to something she's learned at school. The other day she made a digital clock out of paper that has different papers you can slip in for different times.  She spent a good chunk of time on it all because they started a 'time' unit in math.  WOW.

-Cyrena is a rainbow looming machine!  We found her a great website that has a bajillion different projects and videos to go with them.  She just browses and looms, browses and looms.  She makes things for everyone; grandparents, mom, dad, sisters, friends.  It keeps her VERY busy.  Between that and reading, we don't see her much.  

-She is just a good good girl.  She never wants to be hurtful to anyone (besides her sisters-we are working on it!!).  She is very aware of choosing the right and keeping herself pure.  I love seeing her grow up but want her to keep her innocence as long as possible.

-Cyrena is excited that she gets adult jokes and sarcasm more.  It makes her feel like part of our 'club'.  I remember feeling that same way at her age.  

-Cyrena is the queen of TMI.  Not always in a bad way, but she over explains A LOT.  Every decision or action is explained in excruciating detail (even if we don't really care!).  It really gets us laughing; just one of her quirks that we tolerate and love.

-She is still a master reader, devouring book after book.  I've introduced her to a genre near and dear to my heart; Historical Fiction in the form of The American Girls collection.  These are such great stories and I loved reading them when I was young.  I don't know where my personal collection ended up bu luckily our library has LOTS.  She was so reluctant to start them (thought they were girly) but was glad that I convinced her because now she loves them.  

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