Friday, April 11, 2014

Evan 10 & 11 months

I missed the 10 month sticker picture!  I'm giving myself a break on that though.  Evan changed a lot during these months!  He started combat crawling with one arm while scooting with his toes.  He would do this sometimes but then resort to rolling since it was faster.  He also started to be uninterested in his bottles and just wanting to drink water from his sippy cup. This boy makes us happy every single day.  There are times we just stare at him in wonder!

Gilbert Temple Dedication

A lot of January, February and March David was tied up helping the youth rehearse for the Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration.  This took place March 1, the night before the temple was dedicated.  These kids practiced for months and it was all worth it for them to demonstrate their conviction and dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It rained HARD the entire performance but they kept on smiling! Over 12,000 youth participated! They aired it locally so we got to watch the entire thing on T.V. with Grandma and Grandpa Lemmert

We were glad to get David back after all those long hours.  

The next day we got to attend the temple dedication with Cyrena, Barb and Ralph.  It was wonderful.

Valentine's Day 2014

To kick off our Valentine's celebration we made our traditional mailboxes.  They turned out really cute and David and I made sure each child got a note each day the week of Valentine's Day.

 Natalie is frustrated here trying to find the right letters for her name.  She wanted a specific font...

 Here Anna is putting together her Valentine's for preschool friends.

 My Valentine girl all ready for the preschool party!

The girls decorated more cookies after school

 Our traditional dinner.  Steak, potatoes (we made homemade fries this year), asparagus, salad.  And an amazing chocolate cheesecake for dessert--handcrafted by David!  I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of it.

 The girls loved their boxes of chocolate.

 Evan loved his asparagus and the french fries

We went around the table and told something we loved about each person.  I told Cyrena that I love that she's getting old enough to understand my jokes!  Well that really made her grin and sit a little taller in her seat--she loves to be in on a good joke. :)

More January Family Fun

In January we also tried to go hiking more as a family.  All the girls really enjoy it and mom and dad do too!  So every Saturday we got out there and hiked.  Then at the end of January we had family come into town and we all went hiking together!

 It started off with a competitive basketball game. David and Richard against Jason and Emily.

 Then we hiked up Spook Hill in North Mesa

Back: Jason, Emily, David, Jenna, Gracie, Richard, Stacy, Barb, Ralph
Front: Natalie, Evan, Cyrena, Anna

That night we went to the Gilbert Temple Open House.  BEAUTIFUL and such a sweet experience

 There was also swimming (yep-in January! the pool was heated)

 And we spent time at the train park of course!

 We also made sure to sneak in a craft day for the girls!  We made Valentine pallet signs!

We are so lucky to have a lot of family come visit!

January Photo Dump

We had a lot of random fun right after the holidays.  I always like the calm, quiet days of January!

 Cousin Claire came to spend the night with us!  We always enjoy her visits!

 January brings lots of citrus which means fresh squeezed lemonade!!  

 And it also makes for a great game of grapefruit toss!  Natalie was trying really hard to teach Anna how to throw and catch--handy to have grapefruit around for that!

 Lots of outside time as well.  I was taking the kids on a bike ride and we ran into a couple of Cyrena's friends along the way.  

 I had Natalie make me a leaf angel.  See, we really do have Fall in the just comes in January.

 This is where Evan spent most of January.  Rolling and rolling and getting stuck. But smiling all the while...

 My camera was stolen and a few sneaky pictures were taken.  Oh the shark tooth!

 We enjoyed reading a lot of Mercy Watson books.  Highly recommend!

 And dressing up our baby brother

And just being plain silly

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