Friday, May 30, 2014

More from Evan's Birthday

Evan got some portraits done for his birthday.  He wasn't very happy about it (separation anxiety) but we still got a few good shots!

 This kid loves to swing at the park--luckily it's right next to our house so he can get a fix often.

 We went to the Sea Life Aquarium on his birthday

 In our family everyone gets a balloon on their birthday.  Well no one has even been so obsessed with it as Evan was.  It had to go with him everywhere for several days, clutched in his tiny fist. 

 Evan was spoiled with cards and gifts from grandparents

Evan is 1

Evan turned 1 in March.  We're not entirely sure how Evan happened to turn a year old-it's gone so quickly.  He has grown so much and been such a light in our lives.  We just love our squishy, clown-haired boy!
This is how he looked the morning of his birthday

He is a crazy man on the changing table

In these two pictures he looks just like his daddy's baby pictures. This was also one of the last days of his bottle; he didn't care one bit that they disappeared.

For his birthday we went to the Sea Life Aquarium.  

He had fun demolishing his cake but didn't actually consume much of it. 

Grandma and Grandpa Lemmert celebrated with us

Our happy family!

About Evan Boy:

-By his birthday he had 1.5 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth
-Evan eats an entire banana EVERY morning
-He is combat crawling; pushing off with his toes and pulling himself with his left arm while holding something or slapping the tile with his right hand. He gets everywhere FAST with this method.
-Evan is very ticklious (sp?) 
-He loves to crawl/climb on soft things like the couch and beds.  His face lights up when you put him on our big bed.
-Evan chews a corner of his blanket and it doesn't dry well between chewings so it smells really really really bad.  We've got to find a solution for that stinky problem. 
-His favorite foods are: bananas, cheerios, yogurt, applesauce, crackers, eggs and pasta.  I'm trying to get him to like vegetables more. He's a bit of a picky eater and spits things out often.
-Evan is mischievous already.  He throws his cup off his highchair over and over so he can watch our reaction.  He also throws his food on the floor and giggles.  He pulls my hair to get another reaction.  Then he grabs 'down there' when I'm changing a poopy diaper and belly laughs at my reaction! We are in for it.
-His favorite toys are musical ones because he likes to DANCE!
-I would say Evan is a bit of a mama's boy but he sure gets excited when Daddy gets home from work.
-Evan really likes his sisters but does not like them to hold him--"just admire me from afar ladies."

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