Wednesday, June 4, 2014

April Visitors

We are so lucky that people like to visit us in Arizona during our winter weather.  At the beginning of April more cousins came to town.  My brother Chad and his family stayed with us.  We watched conference, played games, went to the train park, washed cars, ate yummy food, laughed and played!

 our conference set up

 Cyrena and Ty's (and Chad's apparently) first time playing CLUE--so much fun!  Of course Chad won; beginner's luck

These kids have a blast together, they are all matches made in heaven!  I told Ty that I wish he and Cyrena weren't cousins so they could get married.  They would be such a power couple!
(this was taken at Joe's Farm Grill)

A couple of weeks later my sister Debbie and niece Elise came to visit.  The kids always look forward to them visiting.

 We went to the Arizona Science Center.  Our favorite part was the photo warping station (see below for our favorite pics).  



 Evan loves Debbie, especially all her fun necklaces!

We also had an awesome shopping day thanks to David staying home with the kids!

Our March

March was like any other month-busy and productive.  Instead of going anywhere during spring break we stayed home and completed a list of house projects.  This included shelving in 2 closets (starting from scratch) and installing built in bookcases.  David took a couple days off and worked like a madman impressing me with his skills.  I have to say I did my fair share of painting as well.  We also invited the missionaries over to caulk the new shelves--thanks elders! 

 I took these pictures of them then texted their moms!

 In March we had a neighborhood party complete with snow cones and a petting zoo.  Natalie and Anna spent all their time in the petting zoo then we all got to witness a goat being born--unplanned and quite the educational experience!

 It was 'dress up like a Disney character' day at school.  Cyrena chose Robin Hood--love that girl!

 We crashed a nearby neighborhood's outdoor movie night. It was our first time to see Frozen.  And that was the beginning of the end; they haven't stopped singing since.

 Sevy cousins came to town from Colorado Springs!  They slept over a night and we got to play games and go to church together.

 We had time to play, laugh, craft and swim.  So fun!

 In preschool we had some caterpillars that transformed into butterflies. We had fun watching them, feeding them, then letting them go. 

This is one of my favorite pictures of the year so far.  Evan loves his crocheted blankets at home. I went down the yarn aisle for a project and I picked up a few skeins,  He latched RIGHT ON.  This boy loves him some yarn!

The Deans

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