Sunday, August 31, 2014

Our Favorite Visitor

Hooray!  We got to have another visit from Elise.  She came down during her Summer break and we had a blast.  She was a HUGE help getting the kids off to school everyday and also being my assistant with preschool!

The missionaries came over and taught us a lesson for FHE then we played an LDS version of Headbandz afterward

We jumped on the trampoline using glow sticks Elise brought

She got some recreational reading done

And we played games!! 

We also got to meet up with the Rutkowskis and Griggs at the train park--always a wonderful fun time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School begins

Back from vacation now back to school!

Yes this little girl was so ready to start kindergarten and ride the bus.  I wasn't quite ready to let her go.

Cyrena and Robyn

School sisters!

Best buddies--Cyrena, Robyn and Kadian

Natalie with her BFF Gracie

The little kids and I went to visit her at lunch and show her that we love her.  She was loving every minute of kindergarten.

It was a GREAT first day and I was so anxious to have her back home!

Here is a picture of her first 'Cougar Paw' which you can earn by good behavior, helping, etc. 

This girl can't be left out!  She and I started another preschool year.  She is already familiar with all of our routines and everything so she is ready to rock it!

Anna also started her own ballet class and is loving it.  She feels very important.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Utah Trip-Hurricane

After bowling and an early dinner we started the drive down to Hurricane for the last few days of our trip.  Evan was not excited to be back in the car.  So we handed him some sunglasses and that really kept him entertained--it was so funny!

 One morning we headed out on an ATV ride to have fun in the sand dunes.  We stopped at a couple of lookouts along the trail.  We also saw lots of animal tracks!

 We went to the famous 'Flintstone house' that is really just a huge eroded rock that has shaped windows and other openings--pretty cool

 It was fun to climb around in

 Unfortunately on the way back we kept losing the trail.  Then we'd try a new trail only to have it dead end.  After several failed attempts we started getting pretty worried and weren't sure the next step to take.  We were literally 'wandering in the wilderness.'  We could see the Sand Hollow Reservoir yet we couldn't find a trail to take us back there.  Faithful Cyrena decided enough was enough--it was time for a prayer.  Of course in the next 10 minutes after the prayer we found a trail that led us right out of the wilderness. PRAYER WORKS CYRENA!

Evan got to have his first Fudgsicle.  YUM!

 There is a fun pool in the Sand Hollow resort where my parents own a home.  We had it all to ourselves one morning!

 These two were cracking mye up.  Cyrena was so excited to lounge with dad.

 Yep--he's all MINE!

While in Hurricane we also went to a movie, ate amazing Mexican food and did most of our school shopping.  Then we sadly said good-bye to Grandma and Grandpa and headed back to Arizona.

My parents gave us some couches and tables to use in our living room so we rented a U-Haul to bring them back. 

We've always wanted to stop at the Cliff Dwellers site so this time we did.  We let the kids get out and climb all over the rocks and explore the dwellings there.  

We were exhausted when we got home but we brought home many many memories and fun times.  We are so grateful for generous and loving family!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Utah Trip-Alpine

After we left Midway we headed to Salt Lake to visit with Great-Grandmother Gerstner.  The kids loves going to to visit with her.  She always has fun snacks and things for the kids to look at and play with.

 We always love to look at fun old pictures

 The kids love grandma's big leather couches

 While we were there David asked his grandmother to share her testimony of the gospel with us.  She bore a very sweet and wonderful testimony.  She has lived her life so very faithfully and has always been an example of Christlike, pure love. We love you grandmother!

 That night we met up with Chad's family for a picnic in the park.  Then we headed back to their house for a visit.

 On Sunday we gathered on my parents driveway after dinner and watched the kids play.  These are my favorite times--being outside in the SUMMER! We definitely can't do that here.

 I think my brother Jeff is trying to convince Evan that Evan likes him.

 Jeff is good to try and take time with each of my kids and make a connection

 Halfway through her ice cream sandwich Anna changed her mind and wanted a popsicle.

 Jeff photo bombing a picture of his daughter Grace

 What little boy dreams are made of--riding on grandpa's tractor.

 The other kids hopped along for rides too.  Here is William

 We had to pry his hands off the wheel when it was someone elses turn


 This may have been a bit messy for Natalie

 Oh yeah

Sticky hands are the best to clap with!

 The girls love to spend time on the basketball court

 We all love to spend time visiting

 Evan loves to give sticky kisses!

 Grandpa's big project this summer has been putting in a putting green on the side of his house.  A HUGE undertaking but he finally completed it!

Scott is always good at playing with my kids and getting them laughing
Vivienne is helping Chad out with his putt

 Chad likes to be super goofy and just wait for people to notice...

 Evan finally started branching out and letting other people hold him!

These girls learned they can just wiggle under grandpa's locked fence

Can these girls get any more beautiful?
We almost always go bowling with the family while we are there.  Fat Cats has $.99 games in the summer!  We also went to the new children's museum and the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point and I spent a day in Logan with my friend Alison.  It was a fun-filled trip for sure.

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