Tuesday, September 30, 2014

August & September

It is always so fun when we get our heavy rains from monsoons.  The girls were so excited to use their umbrellas to go to the bus stop

Claire and Nina got to come have a sleepover with us so we went and got donuts after we cleaned the church

We had a fun FHE with some of our favorite friends/neighbors, the Fears Family.  We made scripture cookies then played charades afterward

Anna and I dressed up like pirates and picked up 2 dozen free donuts from Krispy Kreme on National Dress Like a Pirate Day.  YUM!

Evan wouldn't keep his costume on but he still reaped the benefits

Since we had so much rain our rain lilies bloomed so beautifully!  I really enjoyed these happy flowers

So she started kindergarten and her teeth start getting loose!!

Then all of a sudden the first one is out!

It was grandparents day at school so Grandma and Grandpa Lemmert had breakfast with the kid at school

 In September Natalie was chosen to be the Student of the Month for citizenship in her class.  We're proud that she is a good friend and helper to those around her.

 Also in September Cyrena was chosen to the academic Student of the Month in her class.  She works very hard!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Evan is 18 months

Oh this boy of ours--I have no words!  But I'm going to try and find some.  Evan turned 18 months in September.  Still not walking at 18 months but crawling and cruising everywhere. 

He's already a sugar addict and we're going to do something about that very soon.  He sure enjoys treats

His hair is so beautiful!  It has a great texture and the cutest little curls.  We've been scared to cut it. 

He is into everything and is always on his tiptoes reaching for something

Here he is eating his first sucker.  He loves to push those walker things all over the house

For his half birthday we made brownies and blew bubbles at him while he enjoyed his treat

Cutest profile

ALWAYS wanting to go outside

Evan loves to color, we find him like this often.  Then the crayons slowly make their way into his mouth

He loves to help me with preschool

And help me bake

And he loves to help me do the dishes and is constantly setting the table.

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