Friday, October 31, 2014

Natalie is 6

Our girl is 6.  It doesn't seem possible that it has been 6 years since this girl joined our family. 

She chose an owl theme for her party.  We decorated a few days before the party so we could enjoy them.  Natalie helped put them all up

For her birthday cereal Natalie chose generic Honey Bunches of Oats.  That made me giggle.

On her birthday Natalie got to go on a field trip to Schnepf Farms so it was a fun-filled day for her!

She loved all of her presents--she was pretty spoiled!

For dinner she requested a few favorite things.  Mac and cheese, grilled chicken, grapes and carrots and cucumbers.

The next day was her owl party!!

Freeze dance

Put the owl in the tree!

Forest animal charades!

Natalie and Gracie

Charley, Lizzie, Robyn, Kandice and Jilian

Natalie, Gracie, Rose and Anna

I asked Cyrena and her friend to be helpers at the party.  They were specifically in charge of the scavenger hunt---they did such a great job!

The two helpers with their goody bags.  The goody bags had little stuffed owls, owl rings, homemade owl hairclips, silly putty and some piƱata candy

She was a very happy birthday girl!

About Natalie

-Natalie has a lot of enthusiasm and gets us all pumped up
-Since she has started school Natalie has received three Best Friends Forever necklaces.  She loves being with her friends.  So far she has impressed us by playing with lots of friends and not excluding anyone. 
-Natalie loves all colors, but especially red, blue, and dark pink. 
-At school and at home Natalie is a big helper and is always willing to share what she has.
-Natalie loves to try out new hairstyles on mom
-Natalie is a superb liar.  She can trick me again and again.  She has convinced me on more than one occasion that she got in trouble at school when she actually didn't!
-She is always quick to give a hug or a compliment--you can count on her to make you feel good!
-Natalie can be very very dramatic when she is in a bad mood.  The other night she said she forgot how to fall asleep and said "what do I do?  Just close my eyes and do NOTHING??!"  She has the attitude of a teenager at 6 years old
-Natalie can be very shy.  There are several men in our ward that try their darndest to get Natalie to say hi to them.  She just shrinks away behind mom or dad.
-Natalie loves movies, spending time with her family, drawing and writing
-Natalie's favorite foods right now are: Corn Chex, crackers, grapes, popcorn, suckers, and PB&J
-She loves to paint fingernails and toenails.  Her own and other's!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Visitors

Grandma and Grandpa Taylor swooped into town in October and saved the day/weekend.  David was out of town for work and that weekend was the primary program practice, Natalie's dress rehearsal and performance, then the primary program.  They babysat a lot!

Evan snuggled right up to them and was giving them lots of love! 

Grandpa was trying to take a nap so Evan just kept bringing toys and putting them on his stomach

We went on a little field trip to Goldfield ghost town.

This place had lots of interesting things to look at.

We went on a fun train ride and learned a bit more about Goldfield and the Superstition Mountains

We went to an ice cream parlor where they make their own waffle cones.  They were warm and absolutely delicious!

One night we also went out to dinner then stopped at this new fondue place for a treat. 

We love when Grandma and Grandpa come!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Spooks de Ballet!

Natalie's ballet studio had a Halloween Concert.  She was casted as a little Maleficent.  There were lots of rehearsals and lots of anticipation!  Luckily Grandma and Grandpa Taylor were in town to catch it.  Lucky for me grandma volunteered to do Natalie's stage makeup because I'm hopeless in that department!

Little sister sure was enthralled

Natalie did such a great job--we loved every minute of it!

Here is Natalie with the Studio's owner who was the main Maleficent

The Deans

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