Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

David and I try our very best to give the kids a fun, memorable and magical Christmas.  It's not always easy being alone but we have made some great memories as a family. 

We wrote our Santa Letters then took them to Macy's and went to Mrs. Claus' storytime--always FUN!

We baked and decorated gingerbread men for Santa.

Cyrena played Christmas songs for us to sing and dance to

We played a jingle bell game that is Evan's favorite

We read our traditional Stocking Stuffer book with present passing

And we acted out the Christmas story of course.  With props that grandma had made us the year before

We then opened up a few gifts.  Treasured pillowcases from Grandma Lemmert!  We immediately put these on our pillows

And Christmas pajamas that are always so far from perfect

We got cookies and reindeer food ready for Santa's visit

And woke up to this!!

So excited....

Traditional breakfast of Christmas eggs, bacon,  and toast

Trying out the skateboard

Future skateboarder

The rest of the day was spent watching movies, dozing and snacking, all in the beanbag chairs.  The kitchen was open to the kids which never happens so they were enamored with that!  Above Anna is wearing her treasured nightgown from Grandma and Grandpa Dean. The girls also received money to put toward our Disneyland trip (2016) from Grandma and Grandpa Taylor.  They LOVE putting money in our Disney box!

Exhausted! This is a scene we have seen often since Christmas.  She likes to sleep cocooned in that chair.

The girls slept together that night.  I am extremely grateful that they enjoy spending time together. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cyrena's 9th birthday

This year was not a party year for Cyrena. So instead we took a group of friends to the movies!  We saw Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It was so much fun.

Natalie, Cyrena, Kadian, Robyn, Morgan 

She got some fun presents that she'd been wanting. Pajama pants,

A large Slush Beanie Boo

Fun new books and a Rainforest diorama kit

And most importantly, an ANIMAL JAM membership!

We made Mud Pie for dessert and Cyrena was one happy girl

About Cyrena:

-Cyrena continues to excel at school; she's eager to learn everyday.
-Cyrena has done very well with the piano.  She works hard and is able to catch onto new concepts quickly. She amazes us daily with her skill!

-Cyrena is a good example to her friends, making sure they are kind to each other and making good choices.  She has a good group of friends except one with whom she's had to deal with some bullying.  It's been difficult but she has made good choices throughout and has not let it damage her spirit.

- Cyrena continues to love to read.  She is just starting the Harry Potter books and I know she will love them.  I told her she will never forget how reading them made her feel!

-Cyrena reads with her book light in bed for at least an hour each night.
-Cyrena is helpful at home. She has taken on some harder chores and done them well.

-Cyrena wants a single braid in the back EVERY. DAY.  I try to negotiate other hairstyles at least once a week

-Cyrena still prefers vegetables over fruit but prefers CHOCOLATE over everything!

-Cyrena is and always will be bossy, stubborn, analytical, chatty, musical, smart, happy, good-natured, positive, spiritual and loving.  We LOVE her!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Anna's 4th birthday

With two girls having December birthdays it's nice to take advantage of the season and have a winter/Christmas themed party.  So for Anna we did an Olaf/snowman playdate.  It was so much fun.

We made a huge batch of fake snow for the kids to play and get messy with.

We had a table full of fun foods they could use to build a snowman snack

Then we ate our snack and watched Frosty the Snowman (my favorite!)

A happy brother

We stacked up the snowman cups and had fun knocking them down

We gave the kids homemade sparkly 'snow' playdoh and an Olaf figurine.  Then we went outside for a SNOWBALL FIGHT!

Anna is becoming such a sweetheart.  She has tested us a lot as a toddler and lately we have seen many many glimpses of the incredible girl she is becoming.  

Here are some facts about Anna:

-Anna is FUNNY.  She is the comedian of the family and always ready with her quick witted observations and stories

-Anna retells the plot of every book and movie she sees over and over again.  These stories enthrall and entertain her. Her favorites are My Little Pony, Ariel, Mickey Mouse and Curious George.

-Anna is our most adventurous eater.  She will try anything.  When I am making dinner she always asks me what we are going to have and then exclaims "that sounds YUMMY!!"  Then during dinner she is constantly murmuring "this dinner is so yummy, I really like this dinner"  Except she doesn't pronounce her R's so she says 'dinnow'

-Anna also is the most interested in cooking.  She likes to spend time with me in the kitchen.

-Anna loves to have her hair wild and free.  But when forced into a hairstyle she likes braids, buns and ponytails.

-Anna is quite farsighted so she wears glasses.  

-Anna is braver than all of us.  She doesn't struggle with shyness and loves attention to the point where it worries us a bit. :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Family Pictures 2014

While the Christensens were in town we begged my sister Debbie to take our family pictures.  She is a great photographer and I've always wanted her to do our pictures.  I was BLOWN away by how amazing the pictures were and what a great studio team the Christensens were!  I need them to be at every photo shoot for our family FOREVER.

They kept the kids entertained between their turns and helped everyone smile and be happy--it was amazing!!

The Deans

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