Thursday, April 30, 2015

Graduation Trip

In April I "surprised" Elise and flew in for her graduation.  She kinda figured out the surprise but it was still awesome. :)  She is such a special part of our family and I enjoy being there for some of her milestones. 

So fun to be with so much family, celebrating this amazing young woman!

While I was there I snuck in a visit with my good friend Alison!! 

And David was super dad, sending me these awesome pictures of Evan getting dirty after his bath....

And Anna riding a pony....

And Cyrena petting a snake?! He really raised the bar!

Grandpa Randy's Visit

For Grandpa Randy's 70 birthday year he decided to visit each of his children and their families to spend time with them individually.  In April it was our turn!

Julianne, Phaedra and Ian brought him into town and we were able to spend time with them also.  We love cousin time!

Anna can usually be found coloring and asking others to color with her.

Three generations of Dean men

The kids loved listening to Grandpa's jokes and snuggling with him.  Anna even fell asleep on his lap at church! We wish we could spend more time with him and Grandma Deb!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Easter 2015

Watching general conference

We went out to the Griggs house for Easter dinner and an awesome hunt!  We love to be with them

Pure joy!!

We love cousin Claire

Our favorite Aunt Lynette and Uncle Rick

Claire and Natalie are such nature girls.  They found a birds nest to explore

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

March 2015 Happenings

The day after grandma and grandpa Taylor arrived, grandma fell at a baseball game and broke her ankle!  It was pretty awful but she was a major trooper through the rough times at the hospital.  She recovered at our house for about a week then they traveled home. 

Anna the nurse fell asleep on the job.

St Patrick's Day

Alison sent Evan this adorable mask and cape set

Cyrena and I attended the Women's General Broadcast

We bought TONS of berries to make jam!!

I love when Natalie makes her bed

Evan is ALWAYS pushing something!

We did some shoe shopping and these girls (Natalie and Ava) were so silly!

Our house got painted! 

Looks so much better-huge improvement

The Deans

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