Sunday, May 31, 2015

Big Boy Haircut

Memorial Day 2015

On Memorial Day weekend we planned a lot of family fun.  Peach picking/tasting, paddle boating at Tempe Town Lake, Slickables ice cream sandwiches and a movie!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Kinder graduation

Natalie had a wonderful Kindergarten year in Mrs. Maldonado's class, mostly thanks to this best friend of hers, Gracie.  They sure do love each other!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Happenings

This life of ours never seems to slow down or become boring!  These kids are so much fun to watch!

Natalie had to illustrate and write some sentences with the 'qu' sound.  I just love watching her writing/spelling develop

Natalie has worked hard learning to braid hair.  She's very proud!

Our ice maker has been giving us some grief.  Evan is RIGHT THERE to assist David as needed

The girls all played soccer.  Anna wasn't too interested, just trotted around following everyone. Her awesome coach was our good friend Kelly, so Anna was happy about that! We're not sure she even kicked the ball once--she just wasn't interested! 

Natalie had great coaches and had a blast!

Cyrena had a great coach also and enjoyed learning new skills!

These two have a lot of fun playing together.  That playtime includes singing and yelling into the fan.

We hatched and released butterflies

Natalie LOVES to climb trees,  Her recent favorite is our grapefruit tree.

My girls and I on Mother's Day. 

The Deans

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