Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Happenings 2015

Here is a quick recap of the summer days of 2015.  We try our best to stay busy, cool and healthy!

Here are some of our goals we are ready to rock!

trampoline time is our fave.

We hosted several summer science camps at our home.  We had a lot of kids over for 4 different camps and it was a lot of fun!

Cyrena took a diving class and the other girls did regular swimming lessons

Evan loves to be right in the middle of dinner prep and wants to help as much as possible!

We took the kids and Robyn rock climbing at the Red Mountain Rec center

Dad got in on it too!

They all thought it was super fun!

Then we tried out a new donut place--soooooo yummy!

Father's Day is always a great time to show dad how much we love him. :)

Oh man he's a killer...

After swimming lessons Evan is always super helpful with towels!

Silly hairdos and play time with the Mullins!

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