Thursday, September 17, 2015

Evan's 2 1/2 year birthday

It's hard to watch this boy getting bigger but he's also learning so much every day. We celebrated his half birthday with some of his favorite things.

He has started wanting to wear hats every so often.  I just love little boys in hats

He loves anthing that involves strawberries, especially with whipped cream!  So waffles it was for dinner.

He really likes to dress up with his sisters.  When he is wearing this, they call him "Queen Evalina"

He got a new play phone which was a big hit

And a new scooter for outside

He is such a happy funny boy and makes our family so complete.  We love our Evan Boy

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Swiss Days 2015

For my birthday I received a surprise package from my mom, Debbie and Elise.  In it was all kinds of travel items and a surprise ticket to fly to Utah for Swiss Days!  What a fun surprise.  I quickly made all the necessary arrangements with the kids and preschool to make this trip work.  It made me feel so loved and I really appreciated their sweet gestures!

We had a great time shopping, eating, crafting, watching movies, and resting.

I loved the cooler weather and getting to see the colors on the mountains.

All of our cute crafts!

Unfortunately the day I was supposed to leave there was a fire in the canyon and traffic was horrendous.  I barely made my flight- only because David called the Provo airport to tell them I was coming.  It was quite stressful and I was grateful for my parents for dealing with the stress of getting me there.  

The Deans

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Life as we know it is full of laughter, fun, stress, love, faith and surprises. What more could we ask for?