Sunday, July 12, 2015

Utah Summer Trip

After Elise was here, she drove back up with us to Utah.  A few spilled drinks, Anna using the restroom on the side of the road and name that movie tune were the highlights of the road trip

It's not summer unless Elise does Natalie's nails.

Great food--popcorn bar!!

We swam in grandma and grandpa's neighbors pool, it was beautiful!

Great action shots by grandpa!

My gorgeous boy

Another popcorn bar at Scott's house for the 4th of July!  He put on QUITE a show and we were all showered with firework shrapnel

We went out to Deer Creek with Debbie and Lynn.  Love them so much, especially with how they love my kids. 

Target trip of course!!

Evan loves his uncle Lynn!

We love to visit Grandmother Gerstner and feel of her unconditional love 

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