Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fall Happenings

Fall is such a fun-filled time of year. There is so many activities and parties and FUN.  

We went with the Campbells to see WICKED. It was my and Jaime's second time and we loved it again!

I made this cute set of fall jars, and ended up making several sets for family and friends. 

One night we got really silly with taking funny pictures and videos then sending them back and forth with the Christensens. Oh man we were laughing sooooooo much!!!

In primary we turned in our helping hands each week to share how we have served our family and neighbors. We took a picture by our poster to send into the Friend magazine.

We mastered the technique of using the curling wand and it is so beautiful!

We hosted our annual Blount family dinner and caramel apple party!

Just delicious!!

Cyrena was the academic student of the month for October

We cut Annas hair off for something different!

It turned out pretty darn cute. :)

And cutie boy got his first official haircut

I had great parent teacher conferences for the girls.  I got to see these cute journal entries of Natalie's.

David's work organized a group service project at Feed My Starving Children.  It was our first time but it won't be our last!  We loved packing nutritious food for children who suffer from extreme hunger.  

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